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The Post and Courier spotlighted Underwood's questionable expenses in "Above the Law," an investigation into corruption that has long plagued sheriff departments across the state. One in four counties have seen their sheriffs accused of breaking laws in the past decade, the newspaper found.

Several years ago, Tal Ezer, an oceanographer at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va., was jogging through flooded streets, even though the sun shined and the weather had been nice for days. Government tidal predictions were off by a foot and he wondered why.

A computer that crunched data for climate studies sits in a football field-sized warehouse in Oak Ridge, Tenn., and has the computing power of 300,000 laptops. It's so robust that it can do more than 10 quadrillion simple math problems per second. It's called Titan.

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Dawn brightened the salt marsh as the Hurricane II left Little River, a small town about 25 miles up the coast from Myrtle Beach just before you cross over into North Carolina. The boat's destination was the Gulf Stream.

Toxic algae blooms are a growing worldwide menace that generate mysterious toxins. So why is the federal government poised to shut down a one-of-a-kind lab that solves these mysteries?