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South Carolina has had a parade of sheriffs caught up in scandals in recent years. A Post and Courier investigation earlier this year found more misconduct. Published in March, “Above the Law,” showed that one in four of South Carolina's 46 counties in the past decade had seen their sheriffs accused of breaking laws they swore to uphold. By the end of 2019, three more sheriffs had been indicted and removed from office.

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Vera officials chose Lee Correctional because it has a large percentage of young offenders serving long sentences. A similar pilot program has been in place for two years at Turbeville Correctional Institution, home to the state's youthful offender program, where inmates usually serve three years or less.

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The Santee Delta is one of South Carolina's most beautiful, isolated and historically important places. Yet it faces new threats amid rising seas and rain bombs. Political intrigue and power lines could change this place forever. Our Secret Delta takes a deep dive into this special place, exploring its history and characters, as well as things to see and do.

Toxic algae blooms are a growing worldwide menace that generate mysterious toxins. So why is the federal government poised to shut down a one-of-a-kind lab that solves these mysteries?

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