GOOSE CREEK -- Don't stop on the railroad tracks.

That's the message authorities want motorists to learn after a train smashed into a vehicle at Red Bank Road and U.S. Highway 52 late Saturday, the second time it's happened since May 20.

The drivers in both instances were charged with blocking a railroad crossing after they somehow survived the impacts.

Goose Creek police say John Arthell Davis, 40, of Indigo Road in Goose Creek was thrown from his Jeep after a train crashed into it. Three others were taken to local hospitals to be evaluated after the impact caused a chain reaction involving four vehicles, according to an incident report released Monday.

Witnesses told Goose Creek police that Davis was straddling the tracks while waiting for the light to turn green when the railroad lights started blinking and the arms descended about 10:20 p.m., the report said.

Witnesses said a Toyota Highlander stopped three spaces in front of the Jeep didn't move when the light turned green. The driver of the Highlander was not charged in the incident.

A woman stopped right behind the Highlander said she honked her horn repeatedly during the green light, but the Highlander would not move.

She told police the train crushed the Jeep. She then saw the driver lying on the ground next to his mangled vehicle, according to the report.

The Jeep struck an Oldsmobile, causing major damage. The Oldsmobile then struck the woman's Ford Focus, which struck the Highlander. Damage to the Focus and Highlander were minor, according to the report.

Three passengers in those vehicles were taken to local hospitals to be evaluated.

Davis was taken to the Medical University Hospital for several lacerations.

He told police he didn't remember anything about the crash and that he thought he had a passenger with him at the time of the collision. Police searched the area for another person but it was later determined that Davis had already dropped off his passenger and that person was safe.

The train was not damaged.

Davis was charged with blocking the crossing, as was a driver of a vehicle hit by a train while waiting for a funeral procession on May 20.

Drivers should not, under any circumstances, stop on the railroad tracks, Goose Creek Police Lt. Karen Nix said.

"Do not cross over the tracks unless you clearly have room to safely cross over them," she said. "It's simple."

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