Some residents in at least four Dorchester County Council districts now have a new council representative.

The U.S. Justice Department recently approved the county's voter redistricting plan, putting new districts in effect.

The district that forced the largest changes is the rural District 1, the minority-majority district mandated by Justice. Councilman Willie Davis represents that district. It now nearly encircles the other six districts, dramatically redrawing district lines for Councilman George Bailey's District 3, and making some changes for Councilman Jay Byars and Chairman Larry Hargett, in Districts 7 and 4, respectively.

The redrawing was approved by County Council in 2011. It is required to maintain a population balance among the council's seven districts as reflected in the 2010 Census, which showed Dorchester to be the fastest-growing county in the state, due largely to the boom in Summerville and the areas surrounding the town.