3 sites identified for possible landfill

Williamsburg County officials named a plot of land in a northwest corner near the Clarendon County line as its favored location for a new landfill.

After leaving residents in the dark for months, they revealed three possible sites in order of preference: the Cade tract; the Heineman tract to the southwest, closer to the Berkeley County line; and the Roper Woods tract in the northern part of the county, near the Florence County line.

County officials allowed public comment on the new landfill for the first time Tuesday night. They held the meeting in an auditorium to accommodate all interested residents, including a group called Concerned Citizens of Williamsburg County.

"The coalition definitely is going to continue to fight," said Tommy Stuckey, a local farmer and member of the group. "We've always been against the landfill anywhere in the county."

But county officials already have a permit for a new 400,000-ton landfill from the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control. They must submit a specific location for the project by Tuesday.

"They've turned a deaf ear, apparently," Stuckey said.

People who live in Williamsburg County rallied against a giant 2.3 million-ton landfill that would accept out-of-state trash a few years ago. The contractor had agreed to take all of the county's garbage for free and to pay the county $2 to $2.50 for every ton of trash that came from outside the county.

Instead, officials wound up paying a $750,000 buyout.

In March, the county closed a landfill in Salters, an unlined dump site near the river, for failing to meet state and federal regulations.

This time, the proposed landfill would be constructed and operated by a private company at the company's expense. It supposedly would serve only South Carolina, with no out-of-state garbage allowed.

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