Wishing to provide a substantial annual gift to The Post and Courier's Good Cheer Fund, Mrs. William (Clara) Schirmer, Mrs. Matthew (Evie) Hertz and Miss Maud Seel, the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Seel, bequeathed $500,000 of their combined estates to the fund. Each year, this bequest provides a special gift to the fund on Christmas Eve. This year's donation totals $8,410.

In addition, the estates of Mary Stuart, Florence E. Goodwin and the Mellichamp estate contributed $1,590 to the fund this year.

The interest earned from these estates is contributed yearly to the Good Cheer Fund. Unfortunately, because of the slump in the economy, the donations have been lower for the past couple of years. We're hoping for a better 2010.

From the gift of a few dollars by an individual to contributions in the thousands from larger entities, each one is instrumental in making the holidays brighter for those in need in the Lowcountry. Every cent received is donated to six local charitable organizations -- the Salvation Army, Star Gospel Mission, Lowcountry Food Bank, Association for the Blind, Catholic Charities and Carolina Youth Development Center.

The poor economy has hit a lot of us hard this year, but many in our community have shown a generosity of heart that would move even the most hard-hearted Scrooge. Today's year-to-date total of $300,184.03 puts us within striking distance of surpassing last year's final total of $312,188.94, as recorded Dec. 31, 2008. (There are no year-over-year same-day totals available for today because 2008 was a leap year.)

It is not too late to help make a difference in someone's life. Lowcountry residents, or readers anywhere for that matter, can contribute through 5 p.m. Tuesday to be included in our final accounting on New Year's Eve. Donations received after that date will be applied toward the 2010 Good Cheer campaign.

Send tax-deductible contributions to the Good Cheer Fund, c/o The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, SC 29403-4800. Donations also may be made in person or online at goodcheerfund.com. For more stories, please visit postandcourier.com/cheer.


The joint estate of the late Mrs. William (Clara) Schirmer, Mrs. Matthew (Evie) Hertz and Miss Maud Seel 8,410.00

The estate of Mary Stuart, the estate of Florence W. Goodwin and the Mellichamp estate 1,590.00

Royal Dutch Shell 1,737.00

William H. and Patty Masche 25.00

Douglas and Susan Mellichamp 25.00

Paul Yantis and Shirley Richardson 200.00

Ward Van Buren Lassoe 200.00

In honor of the Porter-Gaud Middle School students and colleagues, from Erica Lesesne 20.00

Wade H. Logan III 250.00

Friday Bible Thumpers 250.00

In honor of our grandmother Sara B. Wilson, love, from Anna, Charles, Nancy and Sara 100.00

In honor of all military past and present, good job, well done 50.00

George Smythe, Edwin Smythe, Caroline deGolian, Helen Smythe and Grace Smythe 100.00

In honor of our wonderful mother, Martha Lou McCord 25.00

Patsy and Ronnie 200.00

Fred and Joyce Clinard 75.00

Larry and Fran Page 50.00

The Alpha Circle of the King's Daughters & Sons 25.00

For the Monday and Tuesday bridge group, from Carol 90.00

To honor friends Harvey, John and Phillip 100.00

In honor of my niece, Jessica Rooke, love, from Uncle Kevin 50.00

In honor of those who continually keep me in their prayers, from Kevin Buckheister 50.00

In honor of Marquerite and Halsall Von Glahn 25.00

Diane Hinkle 50.00

To thank the lady who found my lost purse in CVS parking lot 20.00

Mary & King 50.00

Andrew and Phyllis Kreek 100.00

Bill and Dottie Halpin 25.00

Kris and Diane Busch 50.00

Given with love from Class 1-6 Drayton Hall Elem. School 58.11

Memminger Hall Garden Club 50.00

C. William and Cynthia L. Hipp 150.00

Pete, Winnie Berrie, Nini and Snow 100.00

Marilyn Flack 100.00

In honor of the teachers and staff at Porter-Gaud and the O'Quinn Schools of Porter-Gaud, from Jack, Kathryn and Dee Dee Lucas 150.00

Charleston Executive Women's Board Inc. 300.00

Royall Hardware Inc. on behalf of valued customers Atkinson Pools & Spas, Shem Creek Bar & Grill, Shem Creek Renovations, Abide-a-While Nursery and Christ Our King Church 500.00

In thanksgiving for all who display their Nativity Set in honor of Jesus Christ's birth 25.00

West Ashley Boys Varsity Basketball Team 50.00

Robert Drawdy 20.00

Bonny Arnold 100.00

Ron and Marilyn Nannicelli 50.00

In honor of my grandchildren: Will, Matthew, Caroline, Hayden, Andrew, Patricia and Ansley 70.00

The Maxwell Family 150.00

Thomas Mathis 50.00

L. Andrea and Ron Lovejoy 50.00

Crawford and Wing Freeman & Mary Ellen and Charlie Way 250.00

The wonderful employees of the Charleston City Marina & Boatyard, the Bristol Marina & the Beach Company 250.00

From the artists at Julian Creek Artworks 25.00

Michael and Thelma King 1,000.00

In honor of the brave men and women of the armed forces that allow us the freedom to live in the greatest country in the world 50.00

Terry and Winnice Walker 25.00

Rusty, Sandy and Steve Johnson 100.00

In recognition of: Alex, Caroline, Madeline, Matthew, Emily, Virginia Ann and Whitmarsh from Bernie and Henry Kennedy 75.00

A. Timothy and Karen Jones 250.00

Richard and Judy Waggoner 1,000.00

Atlantic Pool League Inc. 100.00

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. James Sumner, from Jane and Ed 50.00

In thanksgiving for our grandchildren-Brian, Riley and Carson 25.00

In honor of my "toodling" buddies-Sherry, June and Frances 15.00

Col. Lewis Sunday School Class in honor of Col. Lewis 100.00

Dennis and Kathy Hewitt 100.00

Michael and Susan Mullen 25.00

Robin, Patrick, Ian, McKenna and Riley Young 100.00

Rachel, Emily, Nan and Randy Edwards 25.00

Stan and Linda 200.00

With thanks to the Croghan's Jewels 500.00

In honor of my daughter Marjorie, my parents Jim and Linda & my grandparents Meme and Mike. Love, Nancy 10.00

In honor of Jay and West Hanckel. We love you. 1 Corinthians 13. Mom, Kyle and Collier Eberlin 50.00

Martin Ewing 200.00

John and Lynda Leffler 100.00

Campbell 250.00

To the nurses in ED, CICU and 7 Buxton at Roper for their excellent care, from Steve Darling 25.00

To the Clinical Nurse Specialists at Roper, from Denise 25.00

To the staff on 3 East, 5 East, 5 Petit, 2 Petit and Hemodialysis at Roper, from Denise 25.00

To Lisa, Sue, Karen, Janice and Candy from Denise 25.00

To Leah, Bobbi and Sherrel from Denise 25.00

Michael White and the Charleston Appraisal Co. 250.00

In honor of Sarah Ann and Wendall Horton 50.00

Becci Bewley 35.00

The Orthodontic Practice of Dr. Fred Gunter and Staff 250.00

In honor of parents Gene and Barbara Hagerman, from Brian & Lorri Campbell 100.00

Steven E. Johnson, CPA 100.00

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Fages 100.00

Stephen and Margaret Taylor 35.00

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Artis and Francis Clair from Dennis and Ann Marie 25.00

For Jenna Beauregard "always be as beautiful on the inside as God made you on the outside", love Dad 100.00

"For Victor" 40.00















Stephen Thomas 150.00

Church Creek Nursery Inc. 125.00

Jerry Crites 50.00

Charleston Area Appraisals 100.00

Charleston Area Tax Consultants 100.00

Art and Ellen Rooney 100.00

Bill and Christy McKenzie 50.00


Mary H. Callahan 100.00

The loved and greatly missed Justin Bregenzer, Frank Garrett, Stanley Jaskiewicz and Ryan Cargile 35.00

James Petigru Lesesne, Helen McCrady Lesesne, Elizabeth McCrady Lesesne McAdams 100.00

Perry Metts Fant 100.00

Our friend, Edward Singletary, from the Stutlers 25.00

Johnny and Helen O'Hagan, Paul Blanchard, Mary Loretto and George Ramsay, and Claudette Colbert 100.00

Paul, JoAnne, Jack, Sam, Mary Francis, Azile and Sophie 50.00

Rusty and Coot 100.00

Jeanne, Dad, Goo Goo and Hal 250.00

Our grandparents William J. Condon, Gladys G. Condon and John M. Slepetz. Love, John Henry and Maggie 50.00

Lucille and Samuel Graham, from your children Ida, Naomi, Lorraine, Samuel, Stella, Lucille, Debra, Cecelia and Gerald, grandchildren, great grandchildren your nieces and other relatives and friends 100.00

My wife Jannette Harken R.N. by Harry Harken 100.00

Mum-Mum, Mah, Poppa, Grandma, Edie, Grandaddy, Odis Rousseau III and William Miles 150.00

Carlton T. Woodard, Paula and Terry 50.00

Victor Allen Welch 50.00

Aunt Louise 25.00

Helen Cox Scarborough 350.00

Leo B. DuFort 25.00

Col. William Perry 25.00

Tomothy Evans 25.00

Richard Perry 25.00

Anne Villeponteaux, Ted Villeponteaux, Scrap Tindall, Frances Tindall, Archie Jenkins, Kathy Wagers, Katie Wagers, Caroline Condon and Virginia Igoe 50.00

Bo and J.C. Coulter 25.00

Mammy (Dora), Pappy (Frank), Daddy (Frank Jr.) and Jennifer Lauren Petit 100.00

Carolyn Grimes Steele 50.00

Our parents 325.00

Happy Jett, John Van Dorsten, Bobby Jones, Eric Warrer, Steve Moore, Trey Sanders, Charlie Ratledge, Price Oulla, Ryan Staubes, Michael Rawl, Peter Beck, Billy Richardson, Joshua Rosen, Tradd Gibbons, Dirk MacDowell, Jonathan Greer, Rusty Davidson, Katherine Thomason, Millicent Bradsher, Julie Simonds, Burney Fair, Heidel Lentz, Leslie McCravy and Lizzy Fleming 25.00

Marian Birlant Slotin, George and Lyl Birlant, Alex and Birdie Slotin and Robert Ashton 100.00

William G. Ford, James D. Ford, Thomas B. Ford and Ruth L. Vann 250.00

Our Uncle Len. Love, Jean Louise and Jake 100.00

Elliott Hutson, Virginia and Al Sikkema 150.00

In loving memory of our children, from the Compassionate Friends 45.00

My wife, Andrea Riols Crites, whom I love and miss dearly 100.00

Our dear grandparents Nancy and John Hawk and Roger Wilson -- we love and miss you! from Sara, Nancy, Charles and Anna 300.00

Our parents, John A. and Allie Bridges & John D. and Stella Poupalos from Andrew and Irene 100.00

Costa, Herman, Harold and Tom, good friends gone 100.00

Henry Buist Smythe, Paul Edwin Trouche and Guy Ridgeway Smythe 100.00

My wonderful mom "Dottie" 25.00

Mary L. Ramsey of Croghans, from Dorothy W. Cox 50.00

Alice and Bill Lesesne, Maxie Phillips, Richard G. Widman, Aunt Kay, Zed El and Jessica Nelson 375.00

Jimmy Sanderlin. Love, Mom and Sisser 25.00

David and Millie Francer, with love, from Doug and Janet Patterson 100.00

W.J.H. from W.J.H. Jr. and J.M.H. 123.45

Wallace Trowell from Amy Trowell 25.00

Our son Hank Witt Jr. 100.00

Sam Ross and Skeet Dodds 200.00

Jay Bachman and Mary Alice Rumph, from Jay Bachman Rumph Jr. 100.00

Jo Smith-Fetzer from Beauty and Bullet Head 25.00

The Bradley Pets 50.00

H.M. and Nancy Spivey 100.00

Charles E. Wilson, Issac and Lenna Williams, Ivan and Elizabeth Wilson and Pamela 100.00

Keith Salmonsen and Jimmy Hanniford, from the Salmonsens 100.00

My parents William F. and Francina T. Cisa, Granny Cisa, Uncle Arthur, Uncle Joe and Uncle Russell 100.00

Harriett O'Neill Hanvey 40.00

Edward Holst and Alison Holst, from the Wilcox Family 100.00

Henrietta Gaillard 25.00

All the Stray Tator Tot type dogs who find human parents 25.00

Palmer Krantz, Betty Jean Quattlebaum and Dixie Quattlebaum 50.00

Orian Andrew Manucy 150.00

Mary and Gloria 50.00

Mac Anderson: Superb husband, father, grandfather and great- grandfather 100.00

My husband Edward B. Duffy and my daughter Carmel Frances Duffy 100.00

My wife Tina DiFiglio 30.00

Louise and Harold Clements 50.00

Our son Billy 50.00

Charles Flaccus, from Charles 50.00

Baxter and Foxy, love, Mommie and Daddy 50.00

Loved ones, from Bill and Mary Dison 25.00

Mr. and Mrs. S. Mortimer Clement & Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Porcher 50.00

My husband Ken Kirkland, my son Kevin Kirkland and my daughter Pam Isenberg, I love and miss you, from Ruth G. Kirkland 100.00

Margaret Dailey 250.00

Our parents and Nicholas, from Mr and Mrs. Nicholas J. Zervos 100.00

FLP, HRP, NLB and MSB 100.00

My loving husband Francis White 100.00

René Ravenel, MD. 100.00

Michael Berry, our son 100.00

Ella Fitzjella, a creature both great and small, our sweet Chihuahua, from the Smiths 20.00

"Common Sense," from June 30.00

My daddy, Irving W. Seyle by Lynn and Bill Clark 50.00

My husband Edward Finnerty and daughter Mary Ann Lilienthal, love, Joan and missed by entire family 100.00

Our loved ones-Roy and Virginia Burbage, Robbie and Cathryne McKay & Becky Carpenter 25.00

Bama and Grandaddy from Rob, James, Fran, Sallie, Hattie, Liza, Locke, Cordes, Barbara, Morgan, McLain, Annie, Michael, Baker, Bissell, Thomas, Ashley and Archie 100.00

Larry A. Cerny, husband of Lisa A. Cerny and father of Kristin Hutto and Kimmy Curry and father-in-law of Jim Hutto and Douglas Curry, we love and miss you very much. Gone too soon! 30.00

Walter Ehrhardt, Adela Cook, Mary Ramsay, Gibbs Gillam, Jimmy Holcombe, Kevin Blanchard, Karen Joseph, Pappy & Babby Locke, Ozzie & Mary Pope Freeman, Grandmama & Big Charlie Way, Mama & J.C. Long, C.Way, Albert Cory, Danny Mikell, Chuck Rhyne, Squeaky James, Kathy Miller, Nate Smith, Ray & Peggy Elam, Aunt Mary Louise, Uncle John, Uncle Lewis, Uncle Courtenay, George & Elizabeth Durst, Butler Dargan, Hank Burn, Fred Johnson, Terry Cumbee, Charlie Schleppegrell, Colonel Sydney Crumpton, Barrett Lawrimore, Betty & Charlie Wannamker, Lamar Wiley, Nancy Hawk, Ron Cutler, Ed Doherty, Kim Marshall, Doc Austin, Nan Jenkins, Jeanne Smith, J. Palmer Gaillard, J. Wyman Frampton, DuPre Sassard, Grandmarg and Jim Frampton 500.00

Cohen and Louise Adams, Beverly, Jack and Marty Adams & Larry Weaver from their Families 25.00

Scott R. Sanders, Grandad Sanders, Gma and Gpa Mason, Grandma Helen, Uncle Jerry, Uncle Hugh and Aunt Bonnie 75.00

Anthony L. Olasov 250.00

Michael Hamilton Rawl 100.00

Jeanne Smith. Love always, Ellie 25.00

Gary Potter from the Russells 25.00

Our nephews, Jay Wise and Michael Moore 100.00

Ed Holst 100.00

Alison Holst 100.00

Anne and John Midgett 100.00

Lottie and Eddie Holst 100.00

Bernard Holst 100.00

Edward and Hildy Walker & Jack Dillard 25.00

Betty and Jim Diggs & Frank Sullivan 250.00

Harold Smith and David Smith by Gene, Kathy, Blair and Emily 100.00

All U.S. fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan 250.00

John Kennedy, Stewart Poulnot, Butch Matz, Donna Smith, Betty Buhrmaster and Kate Waring 100.00

Grammoo from Conner Fersner 25.00

My beloved grandparents: Margie and Arthur & Eddie and Josie love Nancy 10.00

My father Julian R. Harrison, III 50.00

Mary Louise and George Bellows Sr. 500.00

Frank B. Rose 100.00

Phillip Ucciferri 100.00

Harry Beswick 50.00

Candy Harvey 50.00

Francis S. Hanckel V 50.00

Al Stone (Lowcountry Radio & TV DJ) and mother Clelia Kathleen Stone, with love from daughter Helen 20.00

Ringo Bingo (Snowshoe) Cat 2003 SPCA. Crossed Rainbow Bridge Dec. 14 & all cats who suffer renal disease 10.00

Mothers of our friends Debbie Kollar and Linda Cable Shute 25.00

James Essman & Barry and Denise Schiftic 50.00

James J. Qualey, sadly missed. Mom 50.00

Francis White and Mary Pat McGreevy from Caroline, Hayden and Patricia White 200.00

Our mothers Helen C. Scarborough and Dorothy S. Morris 100.00

Daddy 100.00

Our son and brother Kevin William Malley 100.00

Rosemary "Tiny" Gant 100.00

C 100.00

My beloved son; you are missed. Be joyous in That Better Place. Love, Mama 100.00

TODAY'S TOTAL: $35,541.56

PREVIOUS TOTAL: $264,642.47

YEAR TO DATE: $300,184.03

LAST YEAR's FINAL TOTAL: $312,188.94