A Charleston County sheriff’s dog that had served since 2005 had to be euthanized this week because of health issues.

The Sheriff’s Office said Nitro, who had retired in 2010, was euthanized Tuesday.

“He was an integral part of the K-9 team, contributing to many arrests for drugs and weapons charges,” sheriff’s Maj. Jim Brady said. “Nitro has tracked many criminals involved in bank robberies, homicides, and other dangerous felons working hard to keep Charleston County safe.”

He said Nitro was a loyal and faithful companion to Sgt. James Brennan and his family. Upon his death, the Consolidated Dispatch Center announced “All units stand by: End Tour of Duty K-9 Nitro, Rest in Peace Warrior” A silence followed, Brady said.

The Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit has two supervisors, six deputies and 12 dogs capable of scent tracking, article searches and narcotics and explosive detection, he said.