Sen. Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham

Simply put, Joe Riley is one of the best mayors in America. He is a hard-working, dedicated public servant who has spent most of his adult life serving the people of Charleston. I have never known anyone who loves their job more than him.

Years ago, Mayor Riley came into office with a vision for Charleston. But like all great leaders, he understood he couldn’t do it alone. He went to work doing what he does best — bringing people together for the common good.

Now as he retires from serving as mayor of the city he loves, the revitalization of this historic city is absolutely stunning. Thanks to his years of service, Charleston is now recognized as one of the best destinations to visit, not only in the United States, but in the world.

Joe Riley will go down in history as a transformative mayor who turned his vision for Charleston into reality. We are all better because of his service.