Flood waters remain on Gordon Street (copy)

Twins Patrick and Cullen Asher, 11, play in the flood waters on Gordon Street in Charleston's Wagener Terrace neighborhood on Tuesday as their mother, Julie Lynch, checks on the family's rental home. Schools were out Sept. 8 and Sept. 11-12 because of Tropical Storm Irma. Glenn Smith/Staff

Lowcountry students from kindergarten through college might have cheered when classes were canceled as Tropical Storm Irma approached, but they're now learning it cuts both ways.

Soon it will be make-up time.

The Berkeley County School District will use its pre-approved inclement weather makeup days on Oct. 16, March 19 and March 30. This will shorten the length of Spring Break, which was originally scheduled to begin on March 30, according to the district calendar. The school district will not officially schedule the makeup days on those dates until the school board votes on the matter Tuesday.

The Charleston County School District's makeup days are Nov. 20, Nov. 21 and Feb. 19, according to the district calendar. This will shorten the length of Fall Break (originally Nov. 20-24) and eliminate the school holiday on President's Day (Feb. 19).

In Dorchester County School District 2, inclement weather makeup days are scheduled for Oct. 23, Feb. 19 and March 16, according to the district calendar.

Dorchester County School District 4 has scheduled its makeup days for Oct. 23, Jan. 12 and March 16.

All four school districts in the tricounty area were closed on Sept. 8 and Sept. 11-12 as Irma barreled up the coast. State law requires school districts to include three days of inclement weather makeup days in their academic calendar.

If any school district ends up canceling class for more than three days due to inclement weather, the local school board can vote to waive the fourth through sixth missed days. The State Board of Education must approve waivers of makeup days for the seventh through ninth days, and a state website recommends contacting a state representative about waiving any days beyond that.

The College of Charleston has scheduled makeup days for Oct. 7 and Oct. 15. Its Fall Break, which was scheduled for Oct. 16-17, has been eliminated, and courses will be held on a normal schedule for those days.

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