Sanford won't sign Dorchester 2 fee bill


Tom Gralish

The bill to let Dorchester District 2 charge an extra fee on new houses to help build schools will become law without the governor's signature.

Gov. Mark Sanford said in a letter to the Senate on Wednesday that he doesn't oppose the bill enough to veto it, but he doesn't support it enough to sign it.

The bill, S 235, allows the Summerville-area school board to charge builders $2,500 for each new house to build new schools.

It's an exception to state law that does not allow impact fees for schools.

Sen. Mike Rose, R- Summerville, pushed it through after complaints that the district has been growing faster than the schools can handle.

Sanford said he supports home rule, which means allowing local governments to solve their own problems, even when he disagrees with the approach.

But he said he did not sign the bill because he would rather see a statewide bill that would allow a local community to charge impact fees for schools after a referendum, and he doesn't favor adding a fee that raises the cost of houses.