Ruptured sewage pipe sparks health advisory

Crew members from Eadie's Construction Co., Earl Glover (from left), James Mizzell and Kevin Alard, lay temporary hose to bypass the sewage line that burst Sunday at the Charleston Air Force Base.

Grace Beahm

BEIJING — China says it hopes Iran will cooperate with U.N. nuclear inspectors but is declining to criticize the country for blocking recent requests for information and visits to sensitive sites.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said Thursday that Iran should take steps to clarify issues and restore international confidence about its claims to be pursuing nuclear power for peaceful purposes only.

Hong said there had been positive momentum in dialogue with Iran and urged more talks at an early date.

The spokesman’s remarks at a regularly scheduled news conference follow Iran’s most recent rebuff of U.N. attempts to investigate allegations that it is secretly working to build atomic weapons.

Iran insists it is using nuclear energy only to generate power.