Rumors fly about Blue Angels and the bridge

This photo taken by Jack Canter from the 3rd floor of a building near the aquarium shows one of the Blue Angels planes flying low over the harbor during their show on Saturday. Canter said the planes were flying low over the harbor banking hard just befor

So did it or didn't it?

Two days after the Blue Angels left town, people were still talking about whether one of the F/A-18s flew beneath the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge during the weekend's air shows.

Multiple videos of a jet supposedly flying under the bridge already have surfaced on the video sharing site YouTube, causing spirited debate on social networking sites such as Twitter. Some people say they saw it with their own two eyes.

But did it happen?

No, according to Navy Lt. Amy Tomlinson, one of the Blue Angels.

"We wouldn't do that," she said Tuesday. "It's really unsafe."

Tomlinson said the jet actually banked hard to the left, about a half-mile before it ever got to the bridge.

She said this kind of speculation and "buzz" isn't new to the Blue Angels. The same type of rumors pop up every year they perform at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

"It's just very deceiving-looking," she said.