Roommate fight leads to arrest


A North Charleston woman accused her roommate of beating her with a tire iron during a recent argument.

Verniel Butler, 35, of Spruill Avenue told North Charleston police the Oct. 16 incident stemmed from a dispute she and her roommate, Ellen Elliott, 31, had over their pending eviction.

According to Butler, Elliott blamed her for the eviction and confronted her, an incident report said.

The two women were yelling at each other when Elliott grabbed a mirror off of a wall and smashed it, the report said.

Butler told Elliott to leave the home, but according to the report, Elliott refused and pushed the woman.

The two women started wrestling on the floor and a third roommate called police, the report said.

Butler told police Elliott dragged her out of the front door and down the patio steps. Then, according to Butler, Elliott grabbed a tire iron that was on the patio and hit her in the right shoulder.

Butler grabbed the tire iron, and Elliott ran away from the home, the report said.

Police say Butler had scratches on her nose and neck and a welt on her right shoulder.

When officers asked Butler where the tire iron was, she told them she chased after Elliott with it, then tossed it in the woods nearby.

Officers found Elliott at the corner of Cosmopolitan Street and Comstock Avenue, but they were not able to find the tire iron, the report said.

Elliott told police she and her roommate started arguing after Butler accused her of stealing her cell phone. She told police that Butler was the aggressor and denied striking her with a tire iron.

Officers arrested Elliott and charged her with second-degree assault and battery. She was held at the Charleston County jail.

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