“Crime depends on where you are. I think the biggest factor is taking precautions not to be in areas that are not well lighted alone.”

Richard Bentley of North Charleston, manages apartments for seniors on Rivers Avenue, relaxing in downtown Charleston

“We’ve spent two days wandering the streets. There have been a few homeless people hitting you up for cash, but other than that, we’ve not had any issues at all.”

Randy Hardy of Nashville, IT consultant, first visit to Charleston

“We come downtown a lot for concerts. Especially on King Street it’s pretty safe. Personally, as a girl, I wouldn’t walk around by myself, but I think that’s with any city. I’ve never felt threatened.”

Madison Ansley of Mount Pleasant, 17, Wando High School senior

“There are a lot of people around. I haven’t seen any problems.”

Kairi Porter, upper Meeting Street

“I’ve always felt safe when I’m walking around downtown.”

Vince Straley of Las Cruces, N.M., frequent visitor to Charleston

“I’m concerned. I just bought a home (off Otranto Road) and I’m having to pay for ADT to feel a little bit secure, and I’m going to have to call SCE&G for lighting on the back of my house so I can see.”

James Brown III of North Charleston, retired military

“I think keeping safe has a lot with getting to know your neighbors and getting to be friends. We have a tendency to look out for one another.”

Richard Analla of North Charleston, Boeing worker

“You’re going to have crime no matter where you live, and it’s going to be the same group of people doing it. … It’s drugs. This is where you’re going to find the crime.”

Stephen Pucino of North Charleston, retired construction superintendent

“I am glad that there was a reduction in crime. I wasn’t aware it had gone back up again. That’s not good, but things can happen anywhere.”

Kenneth Harris of Goose Creek, officer worker on old Naval base, shopping in North Charleston

“The rise in violent crime is very alarming. It’s almost scary. I make sure I’m aware of my surroundings.”

Jennifer Winston of North Charleston, Communities in Schools case manager at Goodwin Elementary School