Report: Victim feared grandson


A West Ashley woman found slain in her house had told relatives that she feared her adopted son, who recently became violent with her while trying to get cash for drugs, according to police reports released Tuesday.

Walker Pinkleton, 21, the woman’s grandson whom she adopted as a 4-year-old, was served warrants Tuesday in connection with Patricia Walker’s shooting death last weekend in their home on Orange Grove Road. He is charged with murder and possession of a firearm in commission of a violent crime.

Pinkleton had been jailed on a charge of grand larceny of a motor vehicle since early Monday morning. That’s when the police stopped the Ford Excursion he was driving within a half-mile of the house, which was swarmed by officers investigating his mother’s death. Pinkleton wasn’t allowed to use his parents’ SUV.

Cpl. Fred Bowie, a spokesman for the Charleston Police Department, said detectives have no reason to suspect anyone else in the slaying.

A man who was riding in the Ford that Pinkleton was driving was questioned, according to supplemental incident reports, but he was not arrested. He was not named.

Pinkleton is expected to appear before a magistrate at 2 p.m. today, when the release of court documents might shed more light on the crime.

A felon who was on probation for a burglary conviction, Pinkleton was known to have problems with “drug abuse and criminal activity” and would steal from his mother, who had a deadbolt installed on her bedroom door, the reports stated.

Walker’s mother, Catherine Brooks of Columbia, told authorities that Pinkleton recently physically assaulted her daughter.

Since late last week, Brooks had been trying to call Walker, but she said Pinkleton kept coming up with excuses for not handing the phone to her.

She is sick and “just lying there” in bed, he told Brooks by phone, according to the reports. Walker’s husband was visiting family in Virginia at the time.

Events leading to the discovery of Walker’s body started Sunday afternoon, when Brooks drove to Charleston. She called police officers around 5 p.m., and they entered the house but encountered Walker’s locked bedroom door.

After failing to kick down the door, the officers crawled through a bedroom window that had been left ajar. Inside, they found Walker’s body on the bed, the reports stated. They saw dried blood on her face.

An autopsy would later reveal that Walker, 59, had died of a bullet wound to the back of her head sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning, Deputy County Coroner Scott Ramsey said Tuesday.

Brooks, 77, became distraught after the discovery and said, according to the reports, that “she had warned the victim in the past that she may be victimized by Pinkleton and that he could kill her.”

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