Rep. Mark Sanford

Mark Sanford

It was President Theodore Roosevelt who said that the best prize life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing, and — after 40 years of doing just that — to say that Mayor Riley has earned a little time off would be an understatement.

Two things stand out for me in Joe’s work. First, he has an unrelenting eye for detail and beauty. There aren’t many mayors in America who have looked at the differing finishes of bluestone, but he certainly has and his work of art in Charleston has been the better for it. Second, I have really appreciated his civility. We have been on opposite sides of issues and elections, but his approach was always most genteel, and I for one appreciate that. American politics would be better if more took that approach.

He has made his life’s mission one of service to the people of Charleston, and I think the growth in the city under his watch speaks volumes regarding his hard work and dedication. Accordingly, I want to join with the host of others thanking him, and I wish him the absolute best during life’s next chapter. I know that he will be missed around City Hall.