I love street style.

As much as I adore Vogue (and I do, it's like my bible), I just can't get that excited over fashion spreads although I will admit that Grace Coddington is a genius. Watch "The September Issue," and you'll see what I mean.

What I find more fascinating is real people's personal style. How someone can take a trend and incorporate it into a look that's unique. Or those people whose individual style is so innate that they don't even pay attention to trends but just wear what they want.

If you love street style as much as I do, there are tons of blogs and websites that document nothing but.

My personal favorite is Scott Schuman. His Sartorialist blog (www.thesartorialist.blogspot.com) is a comprehensive look at contemporary style in cities such as New York, Milan and Paris. It's not necessarily the latest trends that draw his eye but individual style. Schuman's subjects all share that enviable trait of looking at ease in their clothes.

As much as I love the examples of female style on his blog, it's the men who really bring it. Exquisitely tailored in everything from bespoke three-piece suits to a crisp oxford shirt with a tie and a belted skirt, they are dazzling.

A book, "The Sartorialist," was published last fall.

Garance Dore is kind of the French version of Scott Schuman. Her blog "Une Fille Comme Moi," or, in English, "A Girl Like Me" (www.garancedore.fr), is a little bit whimsical, a little bit quirky.

As effortlessly chic as her Parisien subjects, Dore's own style frequently is captured on her blog. A recent charming post was simply a photo of her feet propped up on a table, wearing an adorable pair of leopard-print ballerina flats.

Perhaps the godfather of documenting street style is Bill Cunningham. He's been photographing stylish New Yorkers for years, and every week his pictures are printed in the Sunday Styles section of The New York Times.

His work has a lot of humor in it. You can tell Cunningham doesn't take fashion too seriously, which is an interesting counterpoint to many of his subjects, who might be a little bit guilty of doing so.

Even though he doesn't chronicle street style, right now I'm all about The Selby. His website (www.theselby.com) showcases the homes of some of the world's coolest people, such as designer Alexander Wang and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld. So in a way, he does capture individual style. And he's not precious about it but will photograph people's closets, the contents of their fridge or medicine cabinet. Basically all the places a nosy person might look. Oh, and I love the questionnaire he gives people.

His book, "The Selby is in Your Place," came out last month.