House Speaker Jay Lucas, R-Darlington: "Today’s decision by the PSC is a tremendous win for the ratepayers and validates the efforts of the House to maximize short and long-term relief for SCE&G customers."

SCANA Chief Executive Officer Jimmy Addison: "We are pleased that today's decision brings us one step closer to a final resolution and the certainty that stakeholders have been hoping for. We look forward to reviewing the details of the Commission's final written order when it is issued."

Republican Gov. Henry McMaster: "The Public Service Commission – which I am confident has vigorously sought to make the best of a bad situation – has conducted a transparent, open process and has carefully deliberated the positions of ratepayers, the power companies, and the court. Our goal now must be to learn from these failures, to never repeat them, and to continue to work diligently for the growth and prosperity of South Carolina."

Dominion Chief Executive Officer Thomas Farrell: "Dominion Energy is encouraged by the Commission's vote and awaits an order to review prior to making a final decision to close the merger with SCANA." 

Senate Majority Leader Shane Massey, R-Edgefield: "Higher profit and they keep tax cuts. Could have been worse, but should have been better." 

Rep. Micah Caskey, R-West Columbia: "Dominion will own SCANA. Shareholders and lawyers win, everybody else gets cold soup." 

Ted Pitts, president of the ​S.C. Chamber of Commerce: "The ratepayers and the business community have suffered unnecessarily with the failure of V.C. Summer. Today’s PSC ruling starts to provide the stability and certainty going forward that ratepayers need. Dominion is a strong, proven utility with a good track record as an operator and corporate citizen."

Frank Knapp, president of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce: "We cannot blame the ratepayers if they think that the Public Service Commission ruling was based largely on political pressure and not on what was in the best interest of the consumer." 

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