Ravenel bridge protesters who blocked traffic released on bail

Protesters chant on the pedestrian walkway on the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge after blocking traffic toward Mount Pleasant on Wednesday.

The four protesters who were arrested after blocking the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge during rush hour Wednesday were released the same day after posting bail.

They were Jillian Sue Brandl, 24, of Race Street; Jasmin Hillary Wilson, 22, of Bull Street; Ansley Katelyn Pope, 21, of Fishburne Street; and Chantelle Marie Lebeau, 25, of Race Street, according to an incident report from the Mount Pleasant Police Department.

Each is charged with disorderly conduct. The amount of bail was not immediately available.

According to the report, the four who refused to move had their arms interlocked with PVC pipe with handles hooked together with carabiners. They sat down on the bridge after an officer warned them to move and resisted at first by pulling their arms away. Police said Lebeau grabbed a detective by the arm, and another officer had to pull her off. Eventually they were unhooked and taken away.

About 15 protesters jumped out of four cars about 5 p.m. in the lanes heading toward Mount Pleasant, according to witnesses. They chanted “black lives matter” and other slogans, held up a banner that read “#BlackSpring,” and handed out fliers saying they were protesting “state violence against the black community of greater Charleston” and demanding more input into reviewing North Charleston police actions following Walter Scott’s shooting death by an officer.

Most of the protesters got out of the roadway when police arrived.

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