COLUMBIA — Linda O’Bryon, South Carolina ETV’s president, summed up what ETV Radio’s new home really means to the public it serves.

“We have the ability, truly, to be a world-class radio operation here,” she said. “It’s a very exciting chapter in ETV’s history.”

ETV Radio recently moved into its new state-of-the-art facilities in the ETV Telecommunications Center. ETV Radio was formerly housed across Key Road in ETV’s administrative building. Technology has long since moved beyond the space’s capabilities.

“Originally over at radio, we had seven rooms operating,” said Skip Beach, who planned and supervised the construction and equipment installation. “But over time, equipment started failing and we just closed doors and locked them. And we ended up with only two usable production studios over there.

“And that’s been terrible.”

Producers and hosts had to consistently jockey for studio time. Now editing can be done on desktop computers.

“In the old facilities, where you recorded the program is also where you had to edit,” Rob Schaller, ETV’s director of communications said. “Basically, there were two rooms where you could do that and they were tied up frequently. Here you can record, capture the sound and move to your own place or to one of the other editing facilities.”

Not only did ETV not use tax dollars to build, it relied on staffers to do the technical and crucial wiring work.

“All the wiring, all the backend stuff is done by our staff,” O’Bryon said. “It’s truly remarkable.”