Solid waste fee increase

Taxpayers may not see a tax increase this fall, but they will see a $10 hike in solid waste fees.

Past projections suggested council would need to raise the solid waste fee to about $110 by 2008, but the county has held the solid waste fee steady for a decade. Next year, the fee will be $99. The new income will help avoid a future deficit, keep up with operating costs and pay off debt.

Special purpose Tax districts increase

Some residents also will see increases within fire districts countywide. The below figures are estimated tax changes for a $250,000 home.

--Taxpayers who live in the Awendaw Consolidated Fire District will pay $9 more.

--Those who live in the East Cooper Fire District will pay $5 more.

--Residents in the West St. Andrew's Fire District will see a $34 increase.

--St. Paul's Fire District residents will pay $12 more.

--A new fire district was created in the northern part of the county, and those taxpayers will be billed $120 to help pay for operating and maintenance costs. The new Northern Charleston County Fire District will serve the county's unincorporated areas that are bounded by Summerville, Lincolnville, North Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester counties. Those areas currently receive fire protection services from three different fire departments.

--Residents who live in the St. John's Fire District will pay $2 less in taxes.