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The Post and Courier has won the S.C. Press Association's 2018 President's Cup for Excellence.

Presented at the group's annual banquet Saturday night in Columbia, the award recognizes the best overall performance in the contest among South Carolina's newspapers. Overall, the newspaper won 97 awards for the year.

The staff won first place in Series of Articles for "Minimally Adequate," which laid out how gaping disparities have left thousands of South Carolina students unprepared for college or the modern workforce after high school.

Published in November, the five-part series detailed how the state’s public school system is divided by race, mired in inequities, and hobbled by a history of apathy and low expectations. The series is titled after the low standard South Carolina set for its public schools. The series also placed second for Public Service and Digital Project.

Other first place awards by the staff: Breaking News Coverage of Hurricane Florence, Election/Political Coverage, News Section or Special Edition by the Inside Business staff for Progress South Carolina, Entertainment Section for Charleston Scene's Bill Murray Edition, Feature Magazine for My Charleston, Digital Project: An Undying Mystery, and Best Newspaper Website for postandcourier.com.

The Post and Courier also tied for first place for the Montgomery/Shurr FOI Award.

The paper's awards represented a range of coverage areas and journalistic disciplines, including reporting, photography, design and headline writing: 

First place

Tony Bartleme — Judson Chapman Award

Tracy Burlison — Feature Page Design Portfolio

Paul Bowers — Education Beat Reporting

Paul Bowers — Column Writing

Andrew Brown and Gregory Yee — Investigative Reporting

Brooks Brunson and J. Emory Parker — Website

Brooks Brunson, Matthew Clough and Bryan Brussee — Newspaper's Use of Social Media

David Cloninger — Spot Sports Story

Chad Dunbar — Single Feature Page Design

Chad Dunbar, Brandon Lockett, Thad Moore and Jennifer Berry Hawes — Informational graphic

Beth Harrison — News Headline Writing

Stephanie Harvin, Angie Blackburn, Krena Lanham and staff — My Charleston

Jennifer Berry Hawes — Lifestyle Feature Writing

Andrew Knapp — News Feature Writing

Brandon Lockett — Illustration

Brandon Lockett — Mixed Media Illustration

Brandon Lockett — Photo Page Design

Cameron Love — Single Page One Design

Cameron Love and Fred Rindge — Inside Page Design

Michael Majchrowicz and Mary Katherine Wildeman — Reporting-in-Depth

Kalyn Oyer — Arts and Entertainment Writing

Deanna Pan, Jennifer Berry Hawes and J. Emory Parker — Digital Project

Kelly Poe, Matthew Clough and Bryan Brussee — Innovation

Hanna Raskin — Beat Reporting, Charleston restaurants

Hanna Raskin — Food Writing

Grace Raynor — Sports Beat Reporting

Grace Raynor — Sports Feature Story

Luke Reasoner — Single Sports Page Design

Lauren Sausser — Health Beat Reporting

Lauren Sausser — Enterprise Reporting

Lauren Sausser — Profile Feature Writing or Story

David Slade — Growth and Development Beat Reporting

Andrew J. Whitaker — Feature Photo

Andrew J. Whitaker — Personality Photograph or Portrait

Andrew J. Whitaker — Photo Series or Photo Story

Andrew J. Whitaker — Pictorial

Andrew J. Whitaker — Feature Video

Second place

Grace Beahm Alford — Sports Action Photo

Tony Bartelme and David Wren — Investigative Reporting

Ed Buckley — Column Writing

Abigail Darlington — Reporting-in-Depth

Rickey Ciapha Dennis Jr. — Short Story

Chad Dunbar — Mixed Media Illustration

Jeff Hartsell — Spot Sports Story

Jennifer Berry Hawes — Profile Feature Writing or Story

Andrew Knapp — Beat Reporting, Crime and Courts

John McDermott — Business Beat Reporting

Rick Nelson — Editorial or Column in Support of FOI/Open Government Issues

Rick Nelson — E.A. Ramsaur Award for Editorial Writing

Adam Parker — Arts and Entertainment Writing

Lauren Petracca — News Video

Hanna Raskin — Review Portfolio

Luke Reasoner — Single Sports Page Design

David Slade — Government Beat Reporting

Wade Spees — Pictorial

Wade Spees — Photo Illustration

Andrew J. Whitaker — General News Photo

Andrew J. Whitaker — Feature Photo

Third place

Grace Beahm Alford — Spot News Photo

Grace Beahm Alford — Feature Photo

Grace Beahm Alford — Photo Series or Photo Story

Tony Bartelme and J. Emory Parker — Reporting-in-Depth

Abigail Darlington — Public Service

Chad Dunbar — Illustration

Chad Dunbar — Mixed Media Illustration

Chad Dunbar — Single Page One Design

Chad Dunbar and David Slade — Informational graphic

Jeff Hartsell — Sports Enterprise Reporting

Jennifer Berry Hawes — News Feature Writing

Jennifer Berry Hawes — Profile Feature Writing or Story

Brian Hicks — Column Writing

Brian Hicks — Humor Column Writing

Angie Jackson — Lifestyle Feature Writing

Krena Lanham — Single Feature Page Design

Cameron Love — Page One Design Portfolio

Bo Petersen — Short Story

Hanna Raskin — Food Writing

Glenn Smith and Mary Katherine Wildeman — Investigative Reporting

Wade Spees — General News Photo

Wade Spees — Photo Illustration

Mary Katherine Wildeman— Health Beat Reporting

Andrew J. Whitaker — Sports Action Photo

Andrew J. Whitaker — Personality Photograph or Portrait

Andrew J. Whitaker — Pictorial

Andrew J. Whitaker — Humorous Photo

Andrew J. Whitaker — Feature Video

Warren L. Wise — Growth and Development Beat Reporting

David Wren — Business Beat Reporting

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