Police: Suspect had note, toy gun

David Charles Townsend

SUMMERVILLE -- Police say they found a toy gun, a note and a money bag on a man acting strangely outside of a Trolley Road bank last week.

Summerville Police charged David Charles Townsend, 38, with attempted armed robbery with a gun after finding the toy and a handwritten note that said "I have my gun, I have a partner outside, give me all the money, don't try anything tricky, or you will die!" according to an incident report released Tuesday.

Police responded to Tidelands Bank at 1510 Trolley Road at 12:10 p.m. Friday and met with the suspect identified by employees as acting suspicious.

Here is what happened, according to an incident report:

Officers saw a man about 6 feet tall wearing a plaid jacket with a hood, blue jeans, a green hat and sunglasses outside the bank. He was talking on a cell phone but agreed to hang up to speak to officers. He appeared nervous and told officers he was at the bank to meet with someone, but gave officers conflicting stories about where that person was coming from.

The officer noticed a large bulge in front of the man's shirt and asked if the man was carrying any weapons. The man said he wasn't and gave the officer permission to search him. The officer removed an object from the man's pocket and discovered a bright orange toy pistol wrapped in brown packing tape that the man said was his son's toy. He also had the note in his pocket written on white-ruled notebook paper.

As officers handcuffed him, the man said he was homeless and didn't have any money. He also denied having a partner. While booking the man, officers said they recovered a white money bag stuffed in his pants.

He told police he made a stupid mistake and felt embarrassed, according to the report.

Townsend is being held on $50,000 bail at the Dorchester County Detention Center.

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