James Is. burglary suspect arrested

Brandon Tyrene Johnson

Police want to speak to a man who apparently found and returned one of the cell phones taken in the armed holdup last week of a church choir at practice.

The man, who may be able to help investigators, may be named Raoul, Goose Creek police Capt. John Grainger said Tuesday.

On Jan. 18, a man with a rifle or shotgun threatened nine members of the St. James United Methodist Church during an evening choir practice in the church sanctuary. The robber left the church at 512 St. James Ave. with an unknown amount of cash, plus purses, wallets, cell phones and other items, police said.

Grainger said that on Jan. 19, an individual named Raoul located a red Samsung phone belonging to one of the robbery victims, and returned the phone to the victim.

Grainger said police are asking that the man contact Investigator Nicholas Powell at 863-5200 ext. 356 to possibly provide additional information.