Police seek help in shoplifting case

Antwan Rahsann Lamont Rivers (left), Kalin Jesse Jenkins (right)

ANDERSON — Anderson County officials have identified a body with the head, hands and feet removed.

The body was found in the crawl space under a vacant building in Anderson on Wednesday afternoon.

Coroner Greg Shore said the remains appear to be those of 53-year-old Seth Barton Frazier of Belton.

Shore says police recognized a Yosemite Sam tattoo on the man’s right arm and were able to find booking records with the matching tattoo.

The coroner says Frazier had told his mother in Tennessee that he was homeless.

The other parts of the man’s body have not been found.

Shore says the body had probably been under the building for two to four weeks.

Anderson police Lt. Tony Tilley says the death is being treated as a homicide.