Police report: North Charleston man was riding bicycle in the nude

Shane Riley Nettles. (Provided)

A 34-year-old North Charleston man was arrested this week after a video camera caught a bicyclist riding in the nude and exposing himself as he looked at his reflection.

Shane Riley Nettles of Dowling Street faces a charge of indecent exposure in connection with the incident Monday morning.

About 8 a.m., a worker at a business on Tile Drive reported that she was watching live surveillance video when a bicyclist dismounted and walked up to a reflecting glass.

“Video surveillance recorded (the man) with hands touching his genital area, and (he) further pulled the shorts down to look at his reflection,” an incident report from the North Charleston Police Department says. “(The man) rode around the property on his bicycle and continued to ride his bicycle down Tile Drive without any pants on.”

The bicyclist later stopped a second time and continued to pleasure himself in front of a reflective door window, the report says.

A responding police officer spotted the naked man riding his bicycle.

When the man saw the patrol car, he “stopped the bicycle in the middle of Tile Drive and put on his shorts.”

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