Police find woman dead in N. Charleston apartment

Residents of the Planters Crossing Apartments heard two shots ring out Tuesday night just before the 11 p.m. news.

They didn't think much about it until Wednesday afternoon, when their neighbor was found dead in her apartment and police asked if anyone had heard gunfire, they said.

The middle-aged woman was found about 2:30 p.m. in the complex on Crossroads Drive in the Northwood Estates area of North Charleston.

Tommy Champion arrived home just in time to see about five police officers enter the woman's apartment with their handguns drawn. A few minutes later, they emerged, motioned for the apartment manager to come over, and started putting up crime scene tape, Champion said.

By nightfall, the Charleston County Coroners Office had identified the woman but withheld her name pending notification of her family.

Neighbor Anthony Clemons was on his computer the night before when he heard two distinctive shots, he said. The news came on television right after that, he said. Another neighbor said she also heard two shots but assumed they were just fireworks.

Authorities did not disclose the woman's cause of death but said it was suspicious. Police had no suspects and made no arrests.

Neighbor Lisa Smith said the woman moved in about six weeks ago and was friendly but quiet.

"She was a nice lady, very sweet," Smith said. "She'd come out and do her little flowers."

On the door to the woman's apartment was a note that read, "Call me please. Love Karen. Are you alright?"