The Charleston Animal Society is giving away dogs and cats.

No kidding.

Through the generosity of a volunteer who wishes to remain anonymous, the society is able to waive the usual $100 adoption fee for 100 four-legged furry friends, said spokeswoman Kay Hyman.

Fee-free adoption includes spay-and-neuter, microchipping and the required shots.

Friday was the first day of fee-free adoption. By late afternoon, 14 dogs or cats had been adopted. So more than 80 fee-free animals are up for grabs today, Hyman said.

On Friday, Hyman said she noticed people who were "on the fence" about adoption, who had been coming around to look at animals, finally took the plunge when the fee was waived.

Fee-free adoption, however, does not mean you can just come in and pick up a dog or cat.

An application to adopt must be filled out first, evaluated and approved by the animal society staff. The process usually moves quickly, though, so you could be in and out in no time.

In addition to a problem with overcrowding, the shelter needs the heartworm treatment medicine Immiticide.

The bottlemaker for the drug quit making the bottle. Until a new bottle is approved by federal regulators, Immiticide can't be shipped to vet clinics, officials said.

The animal society receives about 11,500 animals in a year. Up to a third of them are heartworm positive.

Immiticide is the only treatment to cure heartworms, officials said.