A giant acknowledgement to James and Pamela Rast, who cared enough to stop on I-26 to help someone lying on the road. That person then pulled a gun and stole their car. Thankfully, no one was injured and a suspect was later arrested. They were headed to church, certainly an object lesson for practicing what you preach.

How many of us would ever get that involved? How many, now, will be less inclined to lend a hand? Pamela Rast told The Post and Courier they did it because "we're Southerners." You folks are much more than that. Makes me proud to live somewhere that people care. You're genuine, walkin', talkin', Lowcountry Good Samaritans!

Saturdays in the South

In a lighter vein, isn't college football just the perfect sports season? It also happens to be the shortest. There's just one game a week and then you spend a couple days talking about what did happen followed by three days of what might happen. You combine the road trips, the fried chicken and barbecue on the tailgates, the late-afternoon sunsets, the bright harvest moon rising above the goal posts along with the long line of tail lights leaving the stadium and you've got yourself much more than a long run-on sentence, it's a near-religious experience. I think most people go to church on Sunday to talk about what happened Saturday, this time of year.

As for you Pigskin Pickers, some of you really take it too personally. A recent caustic note from an alum chastised me for hating his school because I picked another team to beat them on the opening week. This contest is merely a chance to have a little fun and give away some bumper stickers.

Even with the heartaches and the heartburn, the time of year we all enjoy most seems to zip by us quicker than a kickoff return.

Rules are rules

At Charleston Municipal Golf Course, known as Muni to the regulars, the rangers are asked to monitor the pace of play and make sure golfers follow some of the regulations. NBA veteran Jerry Stackhouse, while playing at Muni recently, was asked on two different occasions to quit parking his cart so close to the green. Upon seeing the cart almost on the putting surface for yet another time, a ranger remove the keys forcing Stackhouse to put his bag on his shoulder and walk the rest of the way.

The boys on the porch at Muni still get a good laugh about that one and ranger George is looked upon as someone not afraid to enforce the rules. George is 5-foot-5 and in his 70s, Stackhouse is 6 feet 7 inches tall. It's probably the first time in his career the ex-North Carolina star has been called for traveling.

Book club

Finally, my recently retired buddy Ken Burger is about to release another book. This one is a collection of his columns and is called "Baptized in Sweet Tea." All of the columns tell stories relating to the South. It should be in bookstores soon. Not sure my columns will ever deserve such treatment, but the most likely title would be "Dunked in cold Krispy Kreme coffee."

Talk to ya next Monday.

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