Know why Labor Day was originally chosen as the first Monday in September? It was exactly halfway between two other holidays, July 4th and Thanksgiving. For most Americans, it now symbolizes the end of summer and the start of school. Here in the Lowcountry, it's neither of those. Here, it means college football is finally with us.

Looks are deceiving

After sharing observations from the Walmart lady recently that I was bigger than she realized, Rainey Evans, a local TV legend for children with her Happy Raine show said a little boy once told her "… you look newer on TV."

Ann Thrash offers perspective by saying that even though I might look "bigger" in person than on TV, "everybody looks smaller in the paper." Thanks, I think?

Make 'em laugh

My guess is that the new Gamecock Garnet wine produced by Spurrier Vineyards is going to create a few ripples around the country. Proceeds go to charity, but still, what's next? An aromatic red for romantics called Garcia Savignon? Interesting timing, vintage Spurrier, you might say.

While wrapping up a recent interview with Mayor Joe Riley on the "In the News" TV show on Comcast C2, I suggested that if the mayor really wanted to stir things up, he might propose that cruise ships tie up on James Island. He laughed.

Rock 'n' roll

How successful would you have been in talking your wife/husband/best friend into leaving Charleston on a cruise ship as Irene was churning in the Atlantic? Granted, those are floating cities, but still? It was interesting to read those passengers' thoughts as they boarded in a recent P&C article.

Seemed a good many of the passengers planned to drop their bags in their rooms and head straight for the bar. Tracy Davis tells me … "I would have passed on that ride." Debbie Charpia said "… no boat is big enough right now." Sherry Newton Vieth admitted she and hubby did the same thing during a hurricane once and declares "… call us dumb, but we had a wonderful time."

Sure, it's a big boat and an even bigger ocean, but I might have taken a rain check.

Writer's cramp

More than a month into this column and your responses have been welcome. It's a way to get the week kick-started and since there was a request for feedback, one must be ready and willing to receive. Oleane O'Quinn kindly promises "… that any subject you choose to write about will be enhanced by your wit and common sense." At this very moment, somebody who lives in my house is wondering who in the world are you talking about. Debbie Wimberly offers that "… your new column today made me feel that I had come in contact with an old friend." And by 'old' you mean?

In the true sense of the Labor Day spirit, Linda Hedden, obviously after becoming overheated recently said "… I wish you would write on a daily basis." Girl, you need to get out of the sun!

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