Paul Tinkler

Paul Tinkler

I had the honor of serving nine years on City Council with Joe Riley as mayor.

Some years ago our son, William, had a ceremony to celebrate his Eagle Scout award. He invited Mayor Riley to attend. Alas! On the date of the ceremony a hurricane was bearing down on Charleston.

Late that morning, I saw Mayor Riley on television at the disaster center, wearing his hurricane garb: khaki pants and a polo shirt. The Eagle ceremony was to go on as planned in the afternoon despite the threatening weather.

I called Mayor Riley’s assistant and was informed that, in addition to dealing with hurricane duties, Mayor Riley was not feeling well and would not likely be at the ceremony. However, at the appointed time, as we were all gathered for the ceremony, in walked Mayor Riley, dressed in a navy blue suit, chipper as ever.

He delivered the perfect remarks, as always, and then made his exit. His interest in and concern for all the people of Charleston has been demonstrated in similar fashion countless times over the past 40 years. The people of Charleston have been most fortunate to have Mayor Riley at the helm.