Occupation: Retired IBM executive

Often attends: Mount Pleasant Town Council meetings

Political offices held: None

What made you go the first time? Concern about development plans on the Gregg tract, a large parcel near her Snee Farm home. “I got to know a ton of people in Mount Pleasant who were conscientiously and emotionally very much against this happening.”

What kept you coming back? “Concern about the town’s growth but also to represent the nonprofit Charleston Moves group.”

What do you think has been your biggest contribution? “The Gregg tract failed not because of our effort but it got a huge amount of publicity and got a lot of people involved in town government. ... In the meantime, we started putting the word out that the neighbors learned that you just don’t say no, you have to say what you would rather have there. So we started putting the word out on that.”

What do you want to see changed? “I just think Mount Pleasant needs to be very, very careful in how we are changing our comprehensive plan, changing our zoning ... We’re just letting too much come in and letting people do whatever they want to do as opposed to thinking through, ‘Is this really what we want?’ ”

Robert Behre