Ozzy ready to go to new home

Ozzy is waiting for one of those on his waiting list to take him home.

An 8-year-old heartworm-positive black Labrador that was surrendered to the Charleston Animal Society last week is ready for a new home.

But so far, despite having more than 35 names on a list of people interested in adopting him, society employees have been unable to find the right match, spokeswoman Kay Hyman said.

Ozzy has been neutered and received heartworm treatments.

He will need to take it easy for a couple months, Hyman said.

“Some of those who wanted to adopt him thought they’d be able to let him out in their yard or on their farm,” she said. “That would be too much stress on his system. Heartworms are very serious and he needs to be confined. He can go on very short walks, but can have no play or exercise for a couple of months. He needs to rest and recuperate.”

Adopting Ozzy will cost about $150, Hyman said. That includes a six-month supply of heartworm medication and a follow-up exam in six months.

“He is a really good dog,” she said. “He knows commands, but he’s very powerful and he weighs 90 pounds.”

Society staff members have been leash-training Ozzy, who was kept in the backyard at his previous home.

Hyman said she hopes someone will come forward today to adopt him, or even foster him for a couple months.

“He just needs a guardian angel so he can have his bright fairytale ending,” she said.

For information, call the Charleston Animal Society at 747-4849.