Deputies named in fatal shooting

Master Deputy Donald B. Kjellman

Novartis said it's voluntarily recalling some over-the-counter products in the U.S., including its Excedrin headache pills and NoDoz medication, because they may contain broken or stray tablets from other products.

Novartis temporarily has suspended operations at the Lincoln, Neb., plant where the products were made, the company said in a statement Sunday. The recall also affects its Bufferin and Gas-X Prevention brands.

The move comes after consumer complaints " of chipped and broken pills and inconsistent bottle-packaging line-clearance practices possibly resulting in mixed tablets," the statement said. Spokeswoman Julie Masow didn't immediately have a number for the amount of tablets and gel caps involved in the recall. She said there hadn't been any reports of overdoses or allergic reactions from the stray material or broken and chipped medication.