North Charleston Citizen Advisory Council honors Rev. Bill Stanfield

Rev. Bill Stanfield has been named the North Charleston Citizen of the Year by the North Charleston Citizen Advisory Council. Stanfield and his wife, Evelyn Oliveira, live and work in the Chicora-Cherokee community.

The North Charleston Citizen Advisory Council has named the Rev. Bill Stanfield 2011 North Charleston Citizen of the Year.

Stanfield was selected from a pool of nominees who must "demonstrate a generous community spirit, prove their commitment and display a consistent effort of positively impacting the community, thereby raising the standards of social responsibility."

Stanfield lives and works in the Chicora-Cherokee community. With his wife Evelyn Oliveira, Stanfield started Metanoia, a community development corporation, in 2003. Last year they adopted two children from Ethiopia.

Metanoia works to empower residents by investing in local assets, creating a leadership pipeline, providing after-school programs, fostering entrepreneurship and reclaiming properties to convert them into affordable housing.

"We've still got lots more work to do, but it is very gratifying to get this award," Stanfield said. "It is a shame these individual awards can't be shared, because there are lots of people that do the work I often get credit for."

Stanfield, who is also an associate minister at St. Matthew Baptist Church, which houses Metanoia, has long been admired by North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey.

"I met Bill years ago through his work in the community, where he remains a source of encouragement for the Chicora-Cherokee area," Summey said in a statement. "It is wonderful to have leaders like Bill working in concert to improve the quality of life in the southern end of the city. I cannot think of a more deserving individual to receive this honor."

Stanfield will receive his Citizen of the Year award at 6:30 tonight at the North Charleston and American LaFrance Fire Museum and Educational Center.