Goose Creek man charged after running car into fiancee's home

Christopher Scott Head

An attempted murder charge was made Sunday against a man police said admitted he twice drove his car into the Goose Creek home he and his former fiancee had been sharing.

Christopher Scott Head, 19, of Camellia Road told an officer he smashed the car into the home -- twice -- and also broke in through the front door, a Goose Creek police report states. Head also explained to the officer that “he was highly upset with his fiancee over fidelity issues,” according to the report.

The fiancee, Brook Langley, 19, said Wednesday that the car damaged the home in two places, and the front door is damaged. But Langley said she thinks the attempted murder charge is not appropriate.

“He did not try to kill me,” Langley said, explaining that Head knew she was not in the part of the home the car damaged.

Police said Head’s 2004 Ford Focus slammed into the house about 6:45 a.m. Sunday. Langley said she had locked Head out of the home, and that he spent the previous night with parents.

“The front end of the vehicle was inside what appeared to be a bedroom on the far side of the residence,” the report states. The car had knocked down the exterior wall -- the wall against which Langely’s bed was located, according to the report.

It said Head was sitting on the front porch when the first officer arrived, and he stood up and approached the officer. “He had a calm demeanor about him. He spontaneously uttered that he had purposely driven his vehicle into the residence, twice,” the report said.

Head also told the officer he successfully broke into the front door. He was charged, cuffed, placed in leg irons and taken to the Hill-Finklea Detention Center in Moncks Corner, the report said.

According to the report, Langley told officers Head showed up at the home and caused a disturbance. He was let into the home by another resident, and went to Langely’s bedroom, confronted her and struck her several times in her head, midsection and left arm, the report maintains.

Langley was in some pain and was advised to seek medical attention for her injuries, the report states.