The older I become the less nuanced I become. Our president is reckless, and his rival seems equally so. Being the troglodyte that I am, I propose a simple foreign policy:

1) Countries that have ideologies from the 10th century should not be permitted to have 21st century weapons.

2) The “Arab Spring” countries that can’t protect their minorities, and our property and citizens, should not get a penny from us until they can.

3) Countries that educate their populace to be anti-Christian and anti-Semitic should not get U.S. support.

4) Countries that keep women as caged animals do not deserve our support.

5) Countries that chop off people’s hands then stone them to death do not deserve our support.

6) U.S. administrations that do not allow our Marines to use ammunition in protecting our property do not deserve our support.

7) We would gain respect if we did not support leaders who are crooks.

I know that this is not a perfect world, but we can do much better.

Mike Karp

The Haulover

Johns Island

If Trident Health is so sure that Berkeley County cannot support two hospitals, Trident Health should not build one.

I live off Highway 176. Trident Health in North Charleston is a 15-minute drive, with no traffic. It takes 30 minutes or better to get out of Goose Creek most of the time.

Trident’s proposed new hospital is a 30-minute drive, again if there is no traffic. Carnes Cross Roads is five minutes, tops. What a difference if you are having a heart attack or stroke.

Let Roper St. Francis Healthcare build a hospital in Berkeley County. The population here is growing. I am sure both hospitals will succeed.

Susan Alberto

Indigo Road

Goose Creek

During this calendar year I have twice been the victim of someone shooting my car with a BB gun. Once it was by children who were not aware that their actions would cause harm. The other was a deliberate attempt to inflict damage.

When I reported the incidents to the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Department I was told that while there are laws against malicious damage to property and vandalism, there is no county ordinance to prohibit the firing a firearm in a residential area.

I contacted my county councilman, Larry Hargett who also was surprised. I asked him to help get in place an ordinance to protect the citizenry. It is coming up for a third reading at tonight’s council meeting, but there is opposition.

It is my understanding that Berkeley and Charleston counties, along with Summerville, North Charleston and Charleston, have ordinances against discharging firearms in certain areas.

What is so different about Dorchester County? Aren’t residents just as entitled to protection?

Common sense must be used to protect, without abridging the rights guaranteed to each of us.

For my safety and the safety of all residents in Dorchester County, I encourage county council to follow the lead of adjacent areas and get this ordinance in place.

Donna Underwood

Kings Court


When I was licensed over 40 years ago, the law stated, as it does now, “Slower traffic keep right,” yet motorists aren’t stopped for impeding traffic.

Some behave as if they are appointed to prevent anyone from passing. Why don’t they realize they could place others in danger by causing them to execute a dangerous maneuver?

If we allow those who wish to move faster to do so, put down that cell phone while operating vehicles (especially SUVs full of children) and pay attention when the light changes so that others behind us can catch it too, we will all benefit.

All the hoopla surrounding the I-526 project and a road through Johns Island can be alleviated by proper utilization of existing infrastructure.Officers at strategic intersections could help move traffic much more effectively.

We can all contribute to safer streets without additional capital outlays.


Kracke street

In a recent column Brian Hicks attacked South Carolina’s voter ID law, which has been challenged by President Barack Obama’s administration.

Hicks wrote that the law is racially motivated to prevent minorities from voting. He referred to a percentage of African Americans in rural areas who do not have birth certificates, and argued that for them to obtain a state-issued photo ID would be a hardship.

Does he believe that there are no rural whites who are in the same situation?

In Brazil, people between 18 and 60 years or age are legally required to vote and must show a government-issued ID. About 100 countries have laws that require their citizens to show a government-issued ID card to vote. Mexico’s law has existed for about 20 years.

Debate over whether there has or has not been any voter fraud in the past is irrelevant.

We have the potential for voter fraud. The S.C. voter ID law is preventive,

I proudly became a U.S. citizen in 2006 and was given the right to vote. I worked hard to become a citizen. Let’s ensure that only people with the legal right to vote do so.

We need this issued settled before Nov. 6.

Paul Jinks

Omni Boulevard

Mount Pleasant

Charleston’s very own Les Robinson turned 70 on Sept. 23. He’s used his time well. Robinson has been both the head basketball coach and athletic director at three NCAA Division I colleges, including The Citadel.

He has served on the prestigious NCAA Men’s Basketball Selection Committee and is currently on the NIT Selection Committee.

But he’s done much more beyond his job description. When the new Johnson Hagood Stadium was completed in 2008, it was Robinson who tapped his relationships with people and procured the first $4 million-plus pledges from individuals.

Robinson made his own “naming opportunity” donation, yet humbly passed on the naming honor.

He did much the same when he oversaw the completion of N.C. State’s arena in 1999 by inspiring a $6 million gift from a friend.

It is fitting that The Citadel inducted Coach Les Robinson into its Athletic Hall of Fame as an honorary member several days after his birthday.

We’re lucky to have this new septuagenarian in our midst.

W. Thomas McQueeney

Mazzy Lane

Mount Pleasant

In considering a real estate purchase, buyers should take the average cost of automobile ownership — $8,946 a year — into account. They might consider moving close to work so they can walk or bike and put the money into home equity instead of exhaust fumes.

If you work or go to school downtown, Wagener Terrace is the neighborhood for you.

All our streets end on marsh or the Ashley River. Sunsets over the water are spectacular.

A playground was built last year beside the soccer fields, basketball courts and tennis courts. Hampton Park and The Citadel are our neighbors.

At the entrance to our community a spacious dog park welcomes our four-legged companions.

The biggest attraction is James Simons Montessori public school for 500 children, which will open in a new building in 2013.

Our community is very active, neighbors know each other and strangers are noticed and watched.

Consider the money you save on private school tuition and on personal vehicle expenses and Wagener Terrace is the most affordable and indeed the best neighborhood downtown.

F. X. Clasby


Wagener Terrace

Neighborhood Association

Riverside Drive