Mount Pleasant police have released a composite sketch of a man who tried to lure an 8-year-old girl into a car.

The incident was reported Dec. 1 on Magnolia Woods Drive in Seaside Farms. Police released the sketch Thursday morning and are asking for help identifying the man.

According to a police a white male in a black sedan asked a girl to help look for a lost puppy about 3:30 p.m. that afternoon.The girl, who was walking home from the school bus stop, did not get in the car.

She described the car as a black four-door sedan with rounded edges, slightly larger than a Nissan Sentra. The driver was described as a white male about 50 years old with a full head of medium-length gray hair who was wearing a red shirt.

After the girl refused to get into the car, the man extended his hand out the window to motion the child to get inside, police said. The girl then ran away and pretended to go to a nearby house. Once the man was out of sight, the girl went to a friend's house near her grandmother's residence. The friend then escorted the girl to her grandmother's house.

Police searched the area that day, and extra patrols were assigned to the neighborhood.

Anyone with information can call the police at 884-4176 or call 911 if suspicious activity is in progress.