Sarah is a young mother of three living in Section 8 housing with no income. She has a 1-year-old son and recently delivered twins at 7 months who are in the intensive-care unit. Sarah has not been able to work due to her high-risk pregnancy and currently does not have many of the items most women would receive at a baby shower.

Sarah desperately needs bottles, diapers, formula, a dresser or wardrobe for the children’s clothes, a changing table, stroller, car seats and crib sheets. Your donation to Good Cheer will allow Catholic Charities to help bring hope to Sarah, as well as ensure that her children are off to a great start.

There is still time to give this year. Contributions received by noon Dec. 29 will be included in the final 2015 accounting on New Year’s Eve. Donations received after that date will be applied toward the 2016 Good Cheer Fund.

Contributions to The Post and Courier’s Good Cheer Fund have helped the less fortunate in the Lowcountry since 1927. The six charitable organizations sharing the funds collected are the Lowcountry Food Bank, the Salvation Army, Star Gospel Mission, the Association for the Blind, Coastal Catholic Charities and Carolina Youth Development Center. Every cent of the money goes directly to the agencies, as there are no administrative costs involved.

Send tax-deductible contributions to the Good Cheer Fund, c/o The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, SC 29403-4800. Donations also can be made in person or online at

For more information, email Robie Scott at

The estate of the late Mrs. William (Clare) Schirmer, Mrs. Matthew (Evie) Hertz and Miss Maud Seel 13371.46

The estate of Mary Stuart, the estate of Florence W. Goodwin and the Mellichamp estate 2628.54

Elrods 100.00

Aunt Cal with love from Sweetie Pie 50.00

Hendrick Automotive Group — Charleston/North Charleston 10000.00

In honor of J. Ross and Maria Ogier Hanahan, Mr. and Mrs. George Buist Lucas, William Ogier Hanahan, Elizabeth Lucas Hanahan, Mary Ross Hanahan, Minnie Tolson and Nancy Durant 100.00

In lieu of gifts to my girlfriends in Mt. Pleasant from Denise Bromer 100.00

In honor of Anna and Jamie, Charles, Nancy, Sara and Josh and in thanksgiving for the joy of Eliza 250.00

In honor of Aunt “Maggie” 100.00

In honor of E.A.G.C. Mentors Frank Lucas and Rob Robertson 100.00

The S.C. Sea Grant Consortium Executive Director and Staff 200.00

To the Glory of God, and in honor of family and friends by Carol and David McDougall 200.00

Katie Geer LRC champion 2015 50.00

Kirk Beilke/Tom O’Rouke shoot-out winner 2015 25.00

In gratitude for our children and their families from TuTu and Grandpa Jo 100.00

For Jenna and DJ and the blessings they get, for the blessings they give, for the lives that we live! 200.00

In honor of Christopher and Jamison Otruba. Merry Christmas Dad 200.00

Phillip and Pam Allen 100.00

In honor of Mary Harken given by Sandra 25.00

Paul and Polly Cathcart 100.00

Tom and Janis Johnston 500.00

Sheila and Earl F. 50.00

Ron and Laura Welch 250.00

Harry and Lucy Spell 200.00

In honor of Carol and all the gang at Lost Dog Cafe, from Kate and Bo 50.00

In honor of Sarah Baumgartner and the sunshine she’s brought to all her friends at Edisto Beach 50.00

In honor of my babies, Grainger, Lydia, Margot, Maggie and Haynes 100.00

In love and thanksgiving for our family, from David and Rena Blacklocke 100.00

Perfect grandchildren, Magpie, Gabriel, Isabelle, Marianne and Juliette 100.00

In honor of our daughter and son-in-law, Kalee and Brock Smith 50.00

In honor of Kathi Frantz, our fearless matriarch, love Lori, Chris, Kalee, Brock and Ken 50.00

The Ohlson Family 250.00

Philip and Joan Kinnard 100.00

Jack Mikus 50.00

Gabe Mikus 50.00

God is good 50.00

Nancy Gouse 15.00

For George, Keller and Quinn 200.00

Dr. J. L. Brueggeman 50.00

In honor of our family, from Larry and Pat Willey 50.00

In honor of our Mom/Grandmom Katherine Glenn 125.00

Charlotte Ivey Ferguson 100.00

Callie Lucia Yancey 100.00

Smith G. Ferguson 100.00

Charles Hale Ferguson 100.00

Cheryl Morley 200.00

John Chilton 40.00

In appreciation of the 2015 Clients of Stubbs Muldrow Herin architects 2000.00

Diane Lauritsen 200.00

In appreciation of Ruthie and Bobby Mallard, for all the lives they touch! 100.00

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Johnson and Family 100.00

Lynn Manfred and Joseph Bosco 200.00

With gratitude for our healthy children and granddaughters 200.00

In honor of our girls Mariann, Nealie, Mae and June Bug 100.00

In honor of our nieces and nephews BB, Scottie, Elly Belly, Granger and Caldwell 50.00

Frank and Kelly Abagnale 1000.00

In honor of Gag, Pop, Betsy and Tom J., Caroline, West, Ford and Caroline 25.00

In honor of everyone at Sweetgrass Village from Harriette Gantt 100.00

The Packard Family 250.00

Rey, Caroline and Tommy Yeargin 150.00

Nanny and Pops, from Chris, Karen, Alex and Caroline 250.00

The Phillipps 100.00

Aubrey and Phillis Smith 100.00

Gene and Kathy Smith 100.00

Jerrold Mitchell 100.00

Liz Bliss 100.00

Christopher Keto 500.00

F.K. Stanley and Mirella Abbo 500.00

Samuel McConnell Jr. 100.00

Mary Hoyle 25.00

Shadowmoss Ladies Golf Association 250.00

Royall Hardware, Inc. 1000.00

Wynona Crosby 250.00

Charles Crosby 250.00

The girls at Nice Ice Jewelry — Barbara, Becky, Robin, Linda and Trudi 150.00

In honor of South Carolina Federal Credit Union Audit Department 100.00

The Alpha Circle of the King’s Daughters and Sons, Charleston, S.C. 25.00

Catherine O’Brien 50.00

Vernon and Charlotte Birt 25.00

Blake and Marie-Louise Putney 100.00

In honor of Frannie Bryan 100.00

In honor of our grand nieces and nephews: Emily, Virginia Anne, Matthew and Whitmarsh from Bernie and Bubba Kennedy 100.00

Mark and Linda Shaw 100.00

George and Tracy Strother 50.00

O. Douglas Boyce Jr. 50.00

Bob and Carol 50.00

Willie and Helen Sellers 20.00

In honor of Rev. Lewis and Mrs. Florine Brown with love, from Randy and Nedra Campbell 25.00

Superior View, Inc. 1500.00

G. Michael and Mary Alexander 50.00

North Rivers Dental Associates — Riley Cates, DMD and Ryan Emerson, DMD 500.00

Mark and Ellen Yampolsky 100.00

Gary, Val and Beth Williams 100.00

Dorothy Meacham 100.00

Pete, Asmoun, Winnie, Penny, Nini, Berry and Snow 100.00

The generosity of Irene O. Rosenthall 100.00

In honor of our grandchildren Erin and Carter Rose, from Gam Gam and Pop Pop 50.00

In honor of my Mason grand-children 100.00





















Simons & Dean 100.00

Jim and Joye Wall 50.00

UK Sailmakers Charleston 75.00

Charlie and Beth Rivers 25.00

Pam, Sean, Jack and Hank Houseal 100.00

Robert and Tammy Stine 100.00

Tommy Hutto, Jeanne des. Smith, Mary Wesley Simonds and Park B. Smith 100.00

LBD’s Rusty, Nail, Gus, Eliza, Coot, Dixie and Maybel 100.00

My parents Nell and Marion Simmons II 50.00

Mary H. Callahan 100.00

Pa, Gammy, Fish and Jules 500.00

Perry Metts Fant 100.00

James Petigru Lesesne, Helen Connors McCrady Lesesne and Elizabeth McCrady Lesesne McAdams 100.00

Aunt Sallie, love Frances, Julia, Jeanne, Anne McLeod, Annie, Richard and Sallie 100.00

Baby Elizabeth McLeod Reid, love all your cousins 100.00

Mr. and Mrs. Whitemarsh Seabrook Smith Jr. 100.00

Nanney, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Lawson Smith and Mr. Robert Easterlin Smith 100.00

Mr. Richard Woodward Hutson 100.00

Carlton, love your Godmother 50.00

Jeanne deSaussure Smith 50.00

Shriver Soliday, love Sallie 50.00

Our wonderful grandparents Nancy and John Hawk and Sara and Roger Wilson from Anna, Charles, Nancy and Sara 250.00

My Daddy “Wing” all my love, ME 100.00

Thomas P. Lesesne and Annie B. Lesesne 50.00

Thomas P. Lesesne Jr., Emma L. Lesesne, Anne L. Pinckney, Anne J. Lesesne and Betsy L. McAdams 50.00

Thomas P. Lesesne III 100.00

Mae A. Clary, Miles Vernon Clary, James L. Rogers Jr. and Mary Kent Dean 50.00

Richard Tucker, Robbie Johnson and James Richards 50.00

Our beloved parents Samuel and Lucille Graham and sisters Ida McNeil and Lorraine Graham, from Naomi, Samuel, Stella, Lucille, Debra, Cecelia and Gerald Karen and the rest of the McNeil family. You will always be remembered 100.00

George Leo Lowry and Dorothy R. Lowry 25.00

Charlie Jones, Duffy, Dick Warner, Maria and Donny Jones Sr., Danny Jones Jr. and Uncle Frank Duffy, from Marcia and Bubba 400.00

Leo B. and Gertrude M. DuFort, Timothy M. Evans and Colleen D. Evans 50.00

Col. William K. and Dorothy W. Perry and Richard W. Perry.....50.00

Patricia I. Kasell, Bill Kanapaux, Bill Regan, Joanne and Ernie Comar, Anne and Ted Villeponteaux, Sharon Walsh and Sandy Honan 50.00

Jennifer Lauren Petit, Judith Kaye Petit, Daddy, Mammy and Pappy 100.00

Paul and Louise Buchanan 25.00

Lawrence and Margaret Barmann 25.00

John Palmer Gaillard Jr. and Lucy Foster Gaillard 250.00

Jeanne Smith, Kate Waring and Ben Burris 100.00

X.O. Bunch, a wonderful father, grandfather, great grandfather, businessman and mentor and friend to many — God Bless 50.00

Simons Vanderhorst Waring, Mary Barnwell Rhett Webb, William Lester Webb, Dr. Robert Southern Solomon and Patricia Power Solomon 100.00

Dorothy Lee Bazzle Bendt. We love you Mama. From your loving husband Buddy and the 21 others in our beautiful family 200.00

Grandparents, Aunties and The Bees 50.00

James West Campbell, William Cox Campbell and Cynthia Campbell Markham 100.00

Lt. Col. K. Ayer, Lt. Col W. Pierpont and Capt. J. Rubin, from Elinor Kessel 50.00

My husband Jack Qualey, my son James Joseph Qualey and my daughters Gwen Qualey Kelley, Judith Qualey Bevon and Mary Qualey Beer sadly missed Lea Qualey 100.00

Wing Freeman, Pappy and Babby Locke, Ozzie and Mary Pope Freeman, Grandmama and Big Charlie Way, Al Way, Mama and J.C. Long, C. Way, Manny, Aunt Mary Louise and Uncle John, Uncle Lewis and Aunt Kent, Uncle Courtenay, Uncle Framp and Aunt Sara Jo, Professor HarryFreeman, Albert Cory, Danny Mikell, Chuck Rhyne, Butler Dargan, Carol Way, Squeaky and Mardie James, Kathy Miller, Peggy Vieux-Jeanton, Nate Smith, Ray and Peggy Elam, George and Elizabeth Durst, Nan Jenkins, Grandmarg and Jim Frampton, Bubber Frampton and Rob Shore 300.00

Alton “Bama” Howle 100.00

Ricky Lundy 100.00

Ann Mae “Grammy” Lundy 100.00

Larry Lee 100.00

Keelie Farmer Gilden 100.00

Eddie Buck 100.00

Bob Shoolbred 100.00

Joe Maupin 100.00

Albo’s Friends: Adela Cook, Randall Hefron and Ron Fowler 100.00

Old Friends: Ted Stern, Cam and Hank Burn, Whit Scoggin, Charlie Luce, Vince and Mary Adams, Mike Fletcher, Don Pounder, Lucus Smith, Bob Bergman, Walter Ehrhardt, Fred Johnson, Terry Cumbee, Connie Holmes, Charlie Scheppegrell, Colonel Sydney Crumpton, Steve Steinert, Bill Regan, Barrett Larimore, Betty and Charlie Wannamaker, Lamar Wiley, Ann Carroll, Mary Ramsay, J. Palmer Gaillard and Jim Edwards 300.00

Marina Friends: Toby Clark, Ed Brennan, James Borom, Keith Wellin, Ron Motley, Pat Eudy, Ed McCallum, Trisha Milner, Ron Cutler, Ed Doherty and Tommy Parker 100.00

E.A.G.C. Friends: Linwood Grady, Bill Craver, Alan Hamilton, Chuck Marquardt, Dick Condon and Ken Gillam 100.00

Wing’s Best Friends: Cam Burn, Alex Lofton, J. Wyman Frampton, DuPre Sassard, Bishop Moultrie Moore and Vince Adams 100.00

The Ark Angels: Charles “Scrib” and Jimmy Johnson, Herb Hoefer 2015, Richard “½ a Hundred” Herndon 2015, Chris Wood 2015, Little Joe Aldret, John Graham Altman, William, “Grumpy” Axson, Kenny “Strawberry” Barrineau, Mims “Tiger” Baxley, George and Gene Behlmer, Billy and Harold Bennett, Johnny Bishop, Abby and Gene Bolchoz, Buddy Bowen, Herman Bowick, John C. Calhoun, Roy Campbell, Louie Cateau, John “Mink” Clair, Bill “Big Lip” Clarey, Lloyd Clayton, Willie “Smoak Stack” Cochran, Dick Condon, Chris Corontzes, George Creech, Bill “Whiskey Bill” Cronin, Amos “Whitey” and Ralph “Stump” Curry, Paul “Dago” Cuzzell, John Dennis, John Davenport, Col. Harvey Dick, Harold “Hack” and Pete Dupree, Jerry Dursse, Frank Elliott, Bernie “Scramble Head” Frierson, Sammy Frierson, Gene Fosberry, Mike Galasso, Floyd “Flossy”, Patty and Frank Grayson, Wayne Goss, Rhett and Allen Grooms, Archie and Reynolds “Peaches” Jenkins, Tony “Horsehead” Johnson, Harold Jones, Frank “Wego” Jones, Maurice “Sugar Ray” Hay, Warner Hetrick, Harold Hiott, Rudy Howell, Jake Leamond, Lou “Laughing Lou from LSU” Erin, Pat “Mad Dog” Madden, Louie “Shaky” Mahaffey, Timmy McLaughlin, Tommy Mitchum, Harry Myatt, Charlie “Real Charlie” Moore, John Nash, Carl “Quail High” Nelson, Russell “Baby Russell” Nelson, Ottey Newton, Raymond “Bumpy” Nolte, Artie Orvin, Sheriff Pauls, John Patrick, Rod Patterson, Pinky Pearson, Bernard Prox, Gary Pruitt, Berle and Cherry Pye, Dickie and Stevie Roberts, Jackie Ruff, Mackie Schilling, Vernon “Scotty” Scott, Wayne “Remember When” Shannon, Leo Simard, Bobby Smith, Vincent “Roach” Smith, Ira Solomon, Frank “Soup” Soubeyroux, Walter Stafford, Herby Steinberg, Nathan “Gator” Taylor, Rinky Thackery, Jimmy “Captain Iodine” Thompson, Hank Walker, Leon “Sweet Lee” Walsh, Billy “Super Doc” and Curley Walton, Chuck “Charleston Chuck” Walthal, Larry Weaver, Richard Wertz, Frankie White, Francis D. White, George “Stick” Witham, Larry “Willie” Worthington and Tommy Yarborough — Lady Ark Angels: Cathy “Miss Ark Emeritus” Ballzigler, Dottie Junkin, Cecile Register, Shirley Simard, Barbara Tandon and Anne Snyder 1420.00

My husband Gary Schulman and father Johnny (Edward) Weeks 200.00

Capers, sweetest dog ever, Ashley and family 100.00

My wife Jane Finnerty, my parents Joan and Edward Finnerty and sister Mary Ann Liliental 200.00

Eloise and Harold Harken by Sandra 50.00

Our Dad/Granddad Frank Glenn 125.00

Travis Brewer By Sarah and Jenny 100.00

Mother and Father, Bill and Mary Davis and Stepmother, Ginger Beasley much love Sharon D. Shipley 25.00

Our daughter Kim and our son Chris 50.00

Our parents, Bill and Lissi Shoemaker from Cathy and Frank 100.00

49 great years w/Carolyn Joye Fralix: DOD 6/30/2006: Also: James, Luke and Grover by James T. Fralix Jr. 100.00

Johnnie and Evelyn Cockfield 75.00

Bob and Willie Wheeless 51.00

James and Margaret Bailey 100.00

Our parents George and Valarie Larson 200.00

Pete and Oly Philipps and C.B. and Ruth deV. Williams 25.00

Our beloved cats, Blackie, Tootie and Mookie from Charles and Toula 10.00

My mother and father, Lee and Mildred Rodgers 100.00

Our loved ones. The West Family 100.00

Johnny McConnell. His laughter rings on our hearts and brings us joy. The DeBiasi’s and Carol Hallman 50.00

Lena Mae Doscher and Roland L. Cardwell from Lewis and Jackie Doscher 100.00

Helen and Ashmead Pringle and Anne and Ed Schachte 100.00

John and Nancy Hawk 250.00

Steven A. Brinson our friend forever from The Wallace Family 200.00

James A. Wall and Jeff and Lorraine Kinsey 100.00

For my mother Jeanne Dixon who is missed this Christmas 50.00

Our son Michael 100.00

Dr. Tommy Hutto, Neil Jacobs and Oscar Vick love Cal and Jannette 100.00

Cason Matthew Reid 100.00

Elizabeth McLeod Reid 100.00

Dad George Sr., Nephew Tommy, Opa and Oma, Franz and all the ones who have gone before 100.00

Joannie and Lowry Coe, Anne and Ralph Reinhold and Tommy Evatt 100.00

Sallye and Chris Claussen, Verlie and Claude Carray and Marion and Claussen love Chris, Lori and Kalee 50.00

Eileen Davidson (Mee-Maw extra- ordinaire) 25.00

Cal Frantz, Cynthia and Jr., Farinella, Kaye and Zeke Davis and MV Jones love Lori, Chris, Kalee, Kathi and Ken 50.00

Walter Ehrardt, my NASCAR buddy. Miss you, Chris 50.00

My good friends: Audrey M. Ham, Leon Small Sr. and Joe B. Thompson, by Ruby B. Johnson 50.00

My mother Marie Elizabeth, with love from Renee 50.00

Steven Brinson, miss you buddy Zach 50.00

My big brother George 100.00

My big brother George Mikus, from Jack Mikus 100.00

Bobby Carr, miss you Ski and Family 50.00

Loved ones 100.00

Helen and Stephen Toth 100.00

L O G H M from #1 son 150.00

Josephine and Herbert Forester 325.00

Ken and Petey Shoemaker 200.00

Dr. Gordon B. Stine, you are missed but not forgotten 100.00

Carolyn Query Smith 50.00

G. L. Buist Rivers Jr. 100.00

Mema and Big, Mimi and Gramps, Henrietta Gaillard, Tom Alexander, Little Price Oulla and Katie Waring 100.00

Dear friends, Betsy Lupton and Char McIver, much missed, from Wanda 100.00

Mother Marg Cory, sister Katheryn Rivers and best friend Eddie Buck 25.00

Mollie Rhode 25.00

Karl Boyle 100.00

“Buddy” and “Mimi” Luden 100.00

Gordon Moody of Darlington/Florence 100.00

Harriette and Norvell Trombley 100.00

Rosalie, Earl, Joe, Bernard, Benjamin, Edwina and Thelma Green 120.00

Bradley Pets 100.00

Geraldine “Gerry” Pfaehler 100.00

Our parents 50.00

My mother Hazel B. Ray, my brother Don Ray, Ruth Rhoden Craven, Frank O’Brien and Nancy Conway, from Pat R. Ross 150.00

Jammie Keen and Keith Rochester 75.00

David and Mildred Francer, from Janet and Doug Patterson and family 100.00

Gloria Diamond 50.00

Bradley Richardson, Michael Storen and Robbie Hollings, from Bruce C. Martin 20.00

Grandparents and great grandparents, from Cecil and Mary Frances Smith 50.00

Robert H. McDowell, love from his family 100.00

Kim and Nancy Gray 50.00

Son Haynie 25.00

Myrle Glick, from her sister Members of NWCA Men Riv Park #240 50.00

Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Stonestreet ,from their family 50.00

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Turner, from their family 50.00

Micheal, Shriver and Hugh 200.00

Granny Caroline, Grandma Doris, Ginny and Chet and Bob C. and Clay B., with much love 200.00

Husband Larry and son Chuck, too soon gone 50.00

Parents Wilson and Susanne Pierpont, son and brother Rick Pierpont, daughter/sister-in-law Peggy Pierpont 1000.00

My husband Dr. John Hertz Warren Jr. 25.00

Shriver Soliday 100.00

Grady and Louise Lancaster and Robert Sr. and Lillian Clements, Gayle Clements Taylor and Robert Jr. “Butch” Clements 75.00

James (Sonny) Kirk from his family 100.00

Julius Ray Ivester Sr., M.D. 100.00

Robert Weise and thanksgiving for MUSC doctors Dr. Warren, Dr. Camp and Dr. Delaney 50.00

Ann Adger Grimball, love Nan, Beth and Kip 100.00

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Bryant Jr., love Madeline and Sarah 25.00

Marian Birlant Slotin, George C. Birlant, Lyl M. Birlant, Birdie G. Slotin, Alex Slotin, Trudy S. Schlosser, Robert Ashton, Rabbi William A. Rosenthall, Marcia Rosenthall and Barbara Z. Goodbred 118.00

Our grandson Philip Jones, from Ed and Hilda Rose 25.00

My mom Betty Taylor, Ruth Stoppelbein, Katie Taylor, Vyonne and Julian Williams, Doris DuVoisin and Bitsy Taylor 50.00

TODAY’S TOTAL $62,984.00

PREVIOUS TOTAL $274,378.67

YEAR TO DATE $337,362.67

LAST YEAR TO DATE $327,044.74