More voyeurism charges against Cayce man

Harold “Tripp” Worthy

A second college student has accused a Cayce man of videotaping the two having sex after an evening of drinking, then posting the video online.

Accusations against Harold “Tripp” Worthy first surfaced earlier this month after a College of Charleston freshman filed a lawsuit against the 26-year-old.

She alleged that Worthy took her out for dinner and bought her drinks during a New Year’s Eve party at a Columbia nightclub. They returned to his home, where the filming took place without her knowledge, the 19-year-old student claimed.

After an investigation by the Cayce Police Department, which included computer equipment seized from his house, the unemployed personal trainer and wannabe reality TV star was arrested Oct. 19. He posted bail the next day and was released from the Lexington County Detention Center.

The police this week released incident reports documenting two charges of aggravated voyeurism against Worthy. Each count is a misdemeanor punishable by up to three years in prison and a $500 fine.

In addition to a similar account from the Charleston student, a woman who attends Coastal Carolina University in Conway told the police that she got to know Worthy on the Internet a few months ago.

They met for the first time in late August at Worthy’s house on Poplar Street in Cayce, where she said Worthy mixed an alcoholic beverage for her. They became intimate and had sex, according to the report.

Without her knowledge, the student told investigators, the encounter was broadcast over a live Internet feed. She later discovered the archived video after a Twitter user touted the film in an attempt to attract viewers. Worthy is accused of operating the social-media account under an alias.

Both students reported their experiences to the Cayce police in late September.

The College of Charleston student’s discovery prompted her to file a lawsuit in a Charleston court demanding that the video be removed from the website that features amateur porn actors pleasuring themselves while chatting with users.

The civil suit also seeks unspecified monetary damages.

In a Charleston court earlier this month, Worthy told The Post and Courier that he did nothing wrong and that “nothing is proved in any way.”