Mohammed Idris

Mohammed Idris

Occupation: Disabled, does community work without pay

Often attends: Charleston City Council and Charleston County School Board

Political offices held: None, but he’s a member of the Eastside Community Center’s executive board and a block captain for the North Central Neighborhood.

What made you go the first time? “I first went to City Council in 1993 because community members were going there to complain about police harassment. I supported the city and the police, and thought what the police were doing was justified because older folks in the neighborhood were being harassed.”

What kept you coming back? “At first, I kept coming back to stay updated. But then Mayor Joe Riley started breaking promises to the Eastside neighborhood. He kept promising, promising, promising, but he didn’t come through.”

What do you think has been your biggest contribution? “I keep reminding people about the East Side, and things that need to be done there.”

What do you want to see changed? “We want a farmers market where black farmers and vendors can sell to the community. Young people can see successful black business people. And we want the area where the old Cooper River bridges touched down to be developed into a model African-American community with affordable housing and small businesses.”

Diane Knich