Michael Duffy

File/Wade Spees/Staff Judge Michael Duffy

Joe Riley is a gift to the city of Charleston, and the city is his gift to us. Both keep on

giving. I am definitely influenced by having attended high school, college and law school with him, all of which have given me a long-term inside view of the man. He is special, even unique in our time.

He would have been a great governor or senator, but he was destined to be mayor of Charleston because of his love for the Holy City. He is a talented, dedicated and determined man but what sets him apart and carved his place in history is his vision — he thinks 50 to 100 years ahead — this is reflected in our city. On a personal level, his tenure was marked by a grace and humility rarely seen in a politician but which is the core of a true public servant.

Well done Mr. Mayor, and thank you.