Marc Knapp

File Marc Knapp

Occupation: Contractor for water and sewer systems

Often attends: Charleston City Council meetings

Political offices held: None

What made you go the first time? I went to the Charleston Water System board meetings because I saw serious problems with a job I was doing, sleight of hand stuff. That led me to City Council meetings because (Mayor) Joe Riley was giving his buddies good deals through Charleston Water System.

What kept you coming back? I keep coming back because Joe (Riley) is notorious for springing things on us at the last minute. I want things to be more transparent. I’m starting to see results.

What do you think has been your biggest contribution? The city’s budget is more transparent now. And before, charities were getting public money. Fewer charities are seeking public money now.

What do you want to see changed? I care about the budget being transparent, and better roads and other infrastructure.

Diane Knich