North Charleston police are investigating a shooting that left one man wounded at Bexley and Holly streets Saturday evening.

The shooting, which occurred shortly after 6 p.m., involved two men who are acquaintances. They became involved in an argument and it boiled over, resulting in gunfire, Lt. James Roberts said.

After the shooting, the 49-year-old victim was driven to a police substation on Cosgrove Avenue, Roberts said. Paramedics then rushed him to Medical University Hospital for treatment.

Police had no information on the nature of the man's wounds or his condition. They did not release his name or that of the suspected shooter, who was still at large late Saturday.

Roberts said investigators were still trying to sort out how the incident transpired and what sparked the shooting.

Police taped off about a block of Holly Street after the shooting. Numerous evidence markers could be seen on the street.

Police escorted a man in handcuffs to a cruiser at about 7:30 p.m. A crime-scene technician removed two paper bags from the man's hands and swabbed his fingers with a solution.

Roberts said the man was being detained for questioning, but he appeared to be a witness rather than a suspect.

Other officers were stationed at another crime scene on Suffolk Street that was reportedly related to the shooting.

Roberts said he was still awaiting details from that spot, but it appeared the people there were possible witnesses in the Bexley Street case.