A man was shot Monday night in North Charleston, dragged into a car and driven away as stunned residents looked on.

About 9:30 p.m. on Baxter Street in the Chicora-Cherokee community, witnesses heard shots fired and saw two men retreat to a car. They were carrying a man who had been wounded by the gunfire.

Spencer Pryor, public information officer for the North Charleston Police Department, said the gunshot victim soon turned up at Medical University Hospital. Pryor said late Monday that the man was in surgery and that it's not known whether the wound is life-threatening.

Lawrence Foster and his girlfriend, Rose Thompson, were sitting in his car chatting when an old red-colored sedan with a black top pulled up behind them with its lights off. Three young men, all dressed in black clothing, walked into the darkness between two houses across the street, Foster said. The couple heard four or five shots.

Two of the men carried the other man out, got into the car and turned left on Chicora Avenue.

Foster said the wounded man appeared lifeless. "He didn't even make a whimper."

Thompson said that when the shooting took place, there were several children sitting on the porches of the two houses. When police arrived, she said, there was a scuffle with a pre-teen and that police used a stun gun on him. Pryor said he wasn't aware of that incident.

Chicora-Cherokee has the worst violent crime rate in North Charleston.