A North Charleston man pleaded guilty Monday to criminal sexual conduct with a minor.

Larry Walker, 39, was convicted of two first-degree counts on the charge, and sentenced to 30 years, according to Julian Malasi of the 9th Circuit Solicitor's office. According to North Charleston police investigation, Walker allegedly sexually assaulted two juveniles for nearly six years, starting when the younger child was 5 years old, Malasi said in a news release.

The two women, now young adults, cooperated with the police department's special victim's unit after the younger woman in 2009 confided the abuse to a social worker. According to Debbie Herring-Lash, managing assistant solicitor, they did not come forward sooner because one of them had been beaten and they were afraid they would end up in foster care.

"This is an example of how difficult it is for victims of sexual abuse to come forward," Herring-Lash said. "Mr. Walker received the punishment he deserved for pain and suffering he put on these children."