Man finds roommate's body in shed at North Charleston house

Julio Armando says he felt something wasn't right when he got home from work Tuesday night.

Minutes later, he found his roommate's body in a shed at the big white house where they lived on Dobson Street. Armando and his neighbors said there was a lot of noise Monday night at the house in the Charleston Farms community.

"Police are treating this incident as a homicide and are questioning a person of interest," said Spencer Pryor, North Charleston police public information officer.

Neighbors said several Hispanic men lived in the house. "There are six or eight of them living there. I see them in and out all the time," said Charles Kinard, who owns property across the street. "They were using their neighbor's hose for water. I don't know if they even have electricity in there."

Authorities did not identify the deceased man or reveal how he died, but Armando said the man was from Mexico. Armando, speaking in Spanish, said he had an odd feeling when he got home and discovered his roommate when he opened the door to the shed.

Dozens of neighbors watched a bizarre scene as investigators climbed a ladder to retrieve a pair of pants on the roof of the house and snapped photos of three chickens roaming the property. Four 32-ounce bottles of beer and several empty food cans were on the lawn next to a trash can near the fence.

Willie Judge, 66, sat on the front porch of the house next door, shaking his head.

"It's frightening," he said. Judge said the men moved into the house at the end of 2007. He also heard a commotion coming from the house Monday night, he said.