Man charged in wreck

Jeffrey Clarke

North Charleston police arrested a man this week after he reportedly told an officer that he intentionally caused a motorcycle to wreck on Interstate 26 because the motorcycle rider cut him off.

Motorists flagged down the officer Monday in the westbound lanes of I-26 near the Aviation Avenue exit. They told the officer that a white Ford Crown Victoria caused a motorcycle to wreck at about 5:15 p.m. and kept driving, according to a police report.

The officer contacted dispatchers and sped west on the interstate and found a Crown Victoria. The officer pulled the car over near the Ashley Phosphate Road exit.

According to the report, the driver told the officer that the motorcycle had cut him off so he slammed on his brakes to cause him to wreck. The officer then asked "So you did it on purpose?" The driver answered "Yes."

The driver said he saw the wreck and didn't stop because "I thought he would be fine," the report said.

The officer detained the driver, who was later identified by witnesses as the driver of the car that caused the wreck.

The motorcyclist, who suffered some abrasions, was able to ride his motorcycle to the arrest scene. The motorcycle was damaged on the right side, the report said.

The motorcyclist said the driver screamed at him and made an obscene gesture before he drove in front of him and slammed on the brakes. The rider said he took evasive action and wrecked without hitting the car.

Police charged Jeffrey Clarke, 21, of North Charleston with reckless driving and failing to render aid. He is scheduled to appear in court Nov. 30.