Heavily armed officers spent nearly six hours Wednesday waiting outside a town home in the Charleston Place subdivision before forcing their way in and arresting a man accused of holding his aunt hostage.

The standoff ended around noon with the arrest of Anthony Jonathan Jackson, 48, on a charge of kidnapping, North Charleston police public information officer Spencer Pryor said.

Vivian Ferrell, 65, told police she was awakened about 2:30 a.m. by Jackson banging on her bedroom door. Jackson was "not acting like himself" and began questioning her, Pryor said. Ferrell said she noticed a knife in Jackson's hand when he returned to another room to listen to music, then asked her if it was too loud. Jackson grabbed her by the arm, and she pulled the knife away from him, suffering a cut on her right hand, Pryor said.

Ferrell said Jackson refused to let her leave or call 911, police reported. Ferrell escaped and called 911 about 6:30 a.m. when Jackson went to the bathroom, Pryor said.

The situation began unraveling around 11:45 a.m. with the sound of flash-bang grenades. By noon, officers outfitted in Special Weapons and Tactics gear had entered the home. They found Jackson hiding in a closet, Pryor said.

Police blocked off the community during the standoff. For a Charleston Southern University student who lives across the street, the hours were anxious and inconvenient. "It was weird to come out and see that across from where you live," said Kristen Machado, 22. "I'm just glad he came out of there alive. I was a little nervous there for a while."

Jackson is being held at the Dorchester County jail.