Wellness program promotes healthy lives of students and faculty

Students who participated in the Charleston Youth Marathon are (top row, from left) Robbie Watkins, Cooper Weekley, Jackson Rape, Dakota Robles, Shyanna Ledbetter, Ellen O’Brien, Anna Hill, Mickell Grant, J.J. Keene, William Menger; (bottom row) Maurin Duffy, Iris Smith, Nicholas Leader, Sammy Sloane.

In recognition of the CCSD’s wellness initiatives, Fort Johnson Middle School has implemented “Trackdown Thursdays” to encourage and support healthy lifestyles of its faculty and students.

Since the fall, all students, faculty and parents are encouraged to run or walk the track after school on Thursdays as teachers and parents have volunteered their time to supervise and join them for exercise.

Additionally, Trackdown Thursdays worked in conjunction with the Charleston Youth Marathon program. Many students have already logged over 25 miles walking or running on the track, and 14 participated in the recent Charleston Youth Marathon. A grant award will allow Trackdown Thursdays to expand by providing pedometers and additional fitness equipment around the track for students to use.