Thunderbolts club draws a crowd Newly established Summerville youth cross country team holds its first meet

Alexander Berry (right) of the Summerville Thunderbolts Youth Cross Country team sprints to catch Spiro Fokas of the Mount Pleasant Track Club during Saturday’s meet at Newington Elementary School.

Kelly Hazel likes to see kids run. Which helps explain the formation of the new Summerville Thunderbolts Youth Cross Country program.

The program began in August and hosted its first meet Saturday at Newington Elementary School with about 300 youngsters from the Thunderbolts, the Mount Pleasant Track Club, Charleston Swamp Foxes, PIES and an individual from Myrtle Beach participating.

Team scoring was not computed, but the top eight finishers in each run received medals.

“It was a great meet. We had 10 races,” said Hazel, who is president of the Thunderbolts and coaches the cross country team at Pinewood Prep. Summerville has a large youth track and field team, the Storm, but Hazel said there was a need for a team that focused on cross country.

The Thunderbolts will compete in an event sponsored by the Mount Pleasant Track Club and has the option to run in the Swamp Foxes meet, although that goes up against the Run With the Dolphins 5K event held at Newington.

“We will do some road races as a team,” Hazel said. “Then we have the state meet (at Wannamaker Park in North Charleston) and regionals. This is a new group and we want to refocus on cross country.”

Girls Sub-Bantam (under 8) 2000 meter: Ally Dominiak, Mount Pleasant, 8:57.00; Westley Hood, Swamp Foxes, 8:58.00; Grace Mathis, Thunderbolts, 9:02.00; Elizabeth Rieke, Swamp Foxes, 9:41.00; Elizabeth Meis, Mount Pleasant, 9:54.06; Miranda Woolridge, Swamp Foxes, 10:10.34; Koa Savage, Thunderbolts, 10:15.66; Alexis Maize, Mount Pleasant, 10:43.00.

Girls Bantam (9-10) 3K: Nandi Perez, Myrtle Beach, 12:43.00; Quinna Muthard, Mount Pleasant, 12:51.00; Mia Dunn, Thunderbolts, 14:03.00; Chloe Berda, Mount Pleasant, 14:05.00; Maya Cline, Mount Pleasant, 14:29.00; Kate Spychalski, Mount Pleasant, 14:51.00; Katie Burchette, Thunderbolts, 15:01.00; Emma Weeks, Swamp Foxes, 15:03.00.

Girls Midget (11-12) 3K: Kate Kuisel, Mount Pleasant, 12:57.25; Caitlin Casey, Mount Pleasant, 13:33.03; Caroline Mathisen, Mount Pleasant, 13:35.66; Ansley Jones, Thunderbolts, 14:43.59; Anna Turner, Mount Pleasant, 14:44.12; Elizabeth Hamilton, Thunderbolts, 15:05.00; Chloe Hill, Mount Pleasant, 15:31.81; Ginger Tompkins, Mount Pleasant, 15:39.12.

Girls Youth (13-14) 3K: Raena Burns, Mount Pleasant, 13:24.84; Meagan Caraway, Mount Pleasant, 13:40.72; Jamie Kase, Mount Pleasant, 13:43.59; Taylor Arent, Mount Pleasant, 14:30.75; Hanna Kent, Mount Pleasant, 14:33.84; Maddie Pauldine, Mount Pleasant, 14:35.28; Raegan Reeder, Thunderbolts, 15:06.78; Julia Jellema, Mount Pleasant, 15:41.84.

Girls Intermediate 3K: Elisa Cline, Mount Pleasant, 15:23.34; Winnie Savage, Thunderbolts, 17:36.69; Sarah McCord, Mount Pleasant, 18:47.44.

Boys Sub-Bantam (under 8) 2000-meter: Wiley Tschantz, Mount Pleasant, 8:49.56; Hadley Shaw, Mount Pleasant, Robbie Street, Mount Pleasant, 8:52.91; Michael Donoho, Mount Pleasant, 8:57.88; Andres Martinez, PIES, 9:21.97; Bryan Enck, Mount Pleasant, 9:31.47; Chase Cartwright, Swamp Foxes, 9:36.62; John Raup, Swamp Foxes, 9:48.94.

Boys Bantam (9-10) 3K: Andrew Dearellano, Mount Pleasant, 12:43.88; Christian Geils, Swamp Foxes, 12:44.47; Quinn Dewitt, Swamp Foxes, 13:15.00; Cristopher Garcia, PIES, 13:19.97; Dominic Duncan, Thunderbolts, 13:32.78; Jett Goldberg, Mount Pleasant, 13:50.31; Jeremiah Eddy, Thunderbolts, 13:56.44; Thomas Mathisen, Mount Pleasant, 14:10.18.

Boys Midget (11-12) 3K: Noah Spencer, Mount Pleasant, 11:03.22; Palmer Haigler, Mount Pleasant, 11:20.38; Zachary Mathis, Thunderbolts, 12:39.88; Holden Jenkins, Mount Pleasant, 12:54.25; Greydan Green, Mount Pleasant, 13:04.91; Luke Pauldine, Mount Pleasant, 13:09.15; Benjamin Eddy, Thunderbolts, 13:13.28; Ashton Goldberg, Mount Pleasant, 13:17.88.

Boys Youth (13-14) 3K: Bradley Sanders, Mount Pleasant, 11:22.15; Riley Goldberg, Mount Pleasant, 11:26.66; Keegan Green, Mount Pleasant, 11:42.75; Lucius Harvin Jr., Swamp Foxes, 12:38.41; Brend Fitzpatrick, Mount Pleasant, 12:44.22; Aaron Dejager, Swamp Foxes, 13:09.75; Jack Walker, Mount Pleasant, 13:24.72; William Milton II, Mount Pleasant, 14:02.56.